Roll the dice: Number of seats vs. number of applications at DPS magnet schools
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Laws of attraction: Magnets Durham School of the Arts, City of Medicine in high demand

 If your kid wants to attend a magnet middle or high school—and is new to the magnet game—then he or she should apply to Hillside IB, Middle College at Durham Tech or the Southern School of Energy and Sustainability. There are seats to fill.

But budding artists who are eyeing the Durham School of the Arts, don't put your Fame leg warmers on yet. Only 23 percent of the 2,300-plus applicants get in or on a waiting list in the lottery. Ditto for aspiring doctors at City of Medicine Academy, sans the dance wear.

If your child is already in a magnet elementary school, she has a leg up on the competition for the "linked" schools. For example, an Easley student is linked to The School for Creative Studies, should she make that her first choice. Pearsontown is linked to Rogers-Herr Middle School, too.

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Earlier this week, we wrote about the demand for elementary school magnet schools, and the confusing hierarchy used to decide which groups get priority (siblings, residents of the priority zone) in the magnet seat lottery. However, secondary schools, while competitive, do seem to have a few more slots, if you're willing to accept a second or third priority. Eight of the 13 secondary magnets have acceptance rates of greater than 50 percent.

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The application period for magnet schools runs Jan. 11–29.  



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