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Live blogging Durham City Council's discussion on DPD's HQ

The new Durham Police HQ is getting more expensive (but we were warned)

The highlight of today's Durham City Council meeting (1 p.m., City Hall, second floor) is a discussion of the new Durham Police Department headquarters to be constructed on the wedge of land on East Main, Hood, Ramseur and Elizabeth streets.

Under the latest proposal, it will be more expensive to build than anticipated: $80 million instead of $62 million. I know, you're shocked. The cost details start on page 21 in the presentation.

Architects O'Brien/Atkins advised the Council earlier this summer that a taller building, which helps reduce its massive footprint and thus a fortress-like appearance, would add to project expenses. So would saving the historic Carpenter Building (see below; El Centro Hispano is there now).
I'll live blog this portion of the meeting this afternoon, so stay tuned.



Khalid Hawthorne

Hmmmm...I wonder if a public/ private partnership could help with the financing of the building and redevelopment of the Carpenter Building? It took a couple of years to decide on a site and purchase the land. What's a little more time??

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