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Shiflett to join Azar in bid for City Council at-large seat

In an announcement to a range of Durham listservs and residents tonight, Mike Shiflett disclosed his plan to run for one of Durham's at-large City Council seats in November's election.

Shiflett -- a longtime Northgate Park resident, PAC2 and Durham Businesses Against Crime activist/chair, and transportation/transit guru, among a long list of civic accomplishments -- is the second person we've heard to throw their hat in the at-large race ring.

INC president and former non-profit head Philip Azar has already signaled his candidacy as well.

Look for Shiflett to formally announce Tuesday at noon at downtown's Major the Bull statue.

(Disclaimer: I'm proud to consider both Mike and Phil friends, a point that's worth mentioning given the conflicts of interest a race involving acquaintances and friends will inevitably entail.)



And three more (although the Herald headline hilariously and inexplicably says 4): Charlie Reese, Juan Alva, Ricky Hart. That's five men running for 3 seats. Will there be any women candidates?


Ooops not the Herald, the Durham News.


Here's a link to the Durham BOE document listing the candidates who have filed for the 2015 municipal elections:

I *believe* they're updating the document at that link throughout the day, but if not, a link to the most up to date list can be found right on the BOE website here:


Also, to answer Ruby's question above, I am 100% certain that a fantastic woman candidate will file for city council this week, and I'm told that at least one other woman is leaning towards running as well.

It's going to be a large field, with plenty of competing visions for Durham's future, and that's good for Durham.

Kevin Davis

As Charlie (one of the candidates) notes in his comment, the field is indeed burgeoning. The shoes that Diane and Eugene are leaving over are big ones -- but it seems to look like a big opening door, too, to many prospects.

It's nice to see a growing list of candidates for the race, along with Reece, Azar and Shiflett. It does indeed appears that at least two women are filing to run -- Jillian Johnson, and Sandra Davis. Also, Dr. Juan Alva, a physician who's operated an urban medical clinic since the 1980s in East Durham and is of Hispanic descent. Add to that a filing by one Ricky Hart, and the likely re-election run of Steve Schewel, and you have a pretty full slate.

While I don't know all of the candidates personally, based on the experiences, professional backgrounds, and affiliations of a number of them -- we should indeed have a very interesting opportunity for dialogue on Durham's future.

This is to say nothing, of course, of the long-expected-but-did-we-ever-believe-it announcement that Mayor Bell would not seek elected office beyond this last run for mayor. Given that two folks have filed to run and/or established campaign finance committees, you can never call any race for mayor a done deal... but: one imagines that barring some completely out-of-left-field event, Mayor Bell would be just as difficult to unseat in this race as any since his definitive win over Thomas Stith some cycles back.

More on the filings:

Jean Baber

Mr. Shiflett,
I am Jean Baber and am contacting you to advise of a change in venue for the Sept. 15th Candidate's forum. It will be held at SOUTH REGIONAL Library at 4505 Alston.

Please write or call me to confirm. 919=908-1303.

Jean Baber LWV Durham

Mike Shiflett

Thanks Jean, confirming the LWV forum will be at the South Regional Library

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