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September 2011

What's up with few new posts at BCR?

I've avoided posting any sort of update on where things stand with new content at Bull City Rising, largely because readers have been very indulgent with recent-past warnings that things were busy in the Real World and that content would be less frequent. 

But after some comments here, and particularly some kind personal emails checking in to see if everything was okay, I wanted to post a quick update here.

I've long railed for the need for high-quality, financially sustainable local journalism in communities, and a big part of the reason for that is that no individual blogger can ever hope to keep up with all the news even in the best of circumstances. And when the circumstances aren't the best, well, then there's a real pinch.

So what's been going on of late? Some of the time-management challenges have been local. This spring, my wife Darlene and I finished renovating a house on Gloria Ave., a full-on reboot of a historic house that needed more than a little TLC. And in the months that have followed, I've taken on some additional responsibilities at the day job, which have made for interesting new challenges, though again, less time.

Several of you have written in to ask about the other challenge on the schedule -- a family illness I've alluded to from time to time here on the site, and in more detail to friends and colleagues around town.

My mother continues to battle an end-stage respiratory disease, against which she's put up a brave fight for the past year. In recent months, her condition has, well, worsened, and as of yesterday she's into her third hospitalization in a month.

As a result, I'm traveling out of state just about every weekend checking in on her and trying to maximize my time with her while I can. And that, combined with busier weeks, has squeezed much of the blogging time out of my life for now.

The next few months promise to bring more of the same -- though Matthew Milliken is back in town and working on some interesting stories for the site in the coming weeks.

I wish I could promise a date when I knew the usual ripostes, repartee and reporting would be back. Right now, I can't. But watch this space -- as with so many other things in life, we don't always know just when things will change.

Thanks, as always, for reading BCR.