BCR's Daily Fishwrap Report for December 16, 2010
BCR's Daily Fishwrap Report for December 17, 2010

Because the Old Bull River is for ducks, not trucks

BCR Fake Memo 'o The Day:

FROM: The Management, American Tobacco Campus

TO: All Tenants 

RE: Clarification of car wash policies

Many of our tenants' employees and customers enjoy the automobile hand-wash services offered by an outside firm on the rooftop of the ATC parking decks. We are pleased to have partnered with an organization that can provide quality car care while your employees are at work or enjoying a meal.

It has come to our attention that some customers prefer self-wash facilities, and that one customer in particular has chosen to avail themselves of our campus water feature instead of making use of the paid service option.


Please remind persons in your organization that the "Old Bull River" is not suitable for recreational or hygienic use, be it by children, adults, non-plastic ducks, or Ford Windstars.

Besides our car wash facilities for use by minivans, human beings may avail themselves of shower facilities at the YMCA on the lower level of the Crowe Building, while live ducks should seek out the waterfowl impoundment area along I-40, a convenient 6-mile waddle down the American Tobacco Trail.

(For more hilarity, see how the vehicle found its way out of the Old Bull River via this YouTube video. Thanks to reader M. for sending this along.)



Andrew Edmonds

"Um, is this the way to Billy Elliot?"


"I told you to turn left to go to Country Kitchen Buffet"

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