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An amusing Raleigh aside from the billboard wars

Posted this morning at the terrific web site Raleigh Public Record:

The Fair Housing Hearing Board is getting $20,000 in billboard advertising from Fairway Outdoor Advertising. The board will get to put its message of housing rights on one unused billboard for four months at different spots around the city. The billboard will tell people to call Legal Aid for help with housing rights violations.

Thomas Crowder questioned the plan, saying the city has historically shunned billboards. “It would be hypocritical of us to use billboard,” he said.

Octavia Rainey, chair of the fair housing board, said she understands the city’s sign ordinance and opposition to billboards. “But this is a moral billboard,” Rainey said.

For now, of course, the question of billboards -- moral or otherwise -- is outside the domain of consideration of Durham city and county.

Then again, Howard Clement did ask the billboard industry why they weren't starting their campaign in Raleigh if billboards were such an asset to a community.

You don't think ... ?

(Oh, the vote went 7-1 in favor of allowing the board -- which is an official Raleigh city function -- to accept the donation.)


Steve Graff

Forgive them father for they know not what they do.

Michael Bacon

Raleigh can have some of our billboards. In exchange, we'll take Red Hat off their hands.

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