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Rain, rain, go away -- the reservoirs are full again

It's been a rainy week around the Bull City, and one that's ended with beautifully cool weather this weekend -- a sign that fall is indeed here.

And as one season comes in, another semi-regular season of late is going out.

That, dear friends, is the season of drought. The City announced on Friday that Lake Michie is full, while Little River Lake has risen by three feet in one 24-hour span this week -- and is expected to continue down the path towards refill as stream flows trickle in over the coming days.

The reduction in heat has also reduced water demand, with consumption down by 3.5 million gallons in the past week versus the preceding seven days.

With the abatement of a brief-lived regional drought, the City is planning to resume the issuance of temporary watering licenses. The alternate-day watering schedule continues to be in place.


Tar Heelz

Anyone else drawing parallels between "drought" and Chicken Little?

Dan S.

@Tar Heelz, sure because being more than 10 inches below normal rainfall is normal. As is getting more than a month's worth of rain in less than 2 days.

I mean, my lawn being 50% dirt seems perfectly normal, especially considering that, in May, June and July, I had to mow it more than once a week, just to keep it manageable.

And all the maples on my property lost most of their leaves by Labor Day -- that seems normal, right? They didn't change color, they just wilted and fell off. Perfectly normal.

I'm guessing you also think the fact that the overall proportion of national income being earned by the top 1% of wage earners having nearly-tripled over the last 20 years is perfectly normal, too, right?

Doug Roach

"TarHells" apparently has no connection to his family's food producer other than driving over to Harris-Teeter to stock up on canned stuff from who-knows-where and some produce from Mexico (just to assuage his/her conscience about feeding "real food" to his/her family.)

Just sayin'.

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