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BCR's Daily Fishwrap Report for September 27, 2010

Rain, Rain, Welcome Today: It's been raining almost without end since Sunday morning, and the waters are expected to continue to drop today. City officials note, as you'd expect, that the recent dry spell means much of the water will likely soak into the parched ground instead of making its ways to creeks, though this still is the first step in recharging the rivers that feed our reservoirs -- especially since the stream flows in those have slowed to much less than 1% of the daily draw for the water system. (Herald-Sun)

Buffers Discussion on E. Durham Mixed-Use: A Durham County mixed-use project with more than 1,300 homes and 1.25m sq. ft of retail and office space near the airport and Brier Creek got the necessary rezoning nods a few years back, but developers Tri Properties and Crosland are concerned that the property might be impacted by pending changes in stream buffers from 50' to 100' in width, and will be asking the City Council on Oct. 4 to be grandfathered in under the current rules. (Herald-Sun)

Good Day for a Pride Parade: The rainy weather held off for Saturday's NC Pride Parade and Festival, which drew 2,000 participants and many more spectators to the area off Duke's East Campus. The event's official schedule noted partnership events elsewhere in the Triangle and Triad, but Durham is ensconced as the home of one of the largest such events in the southeast, and one that's drawn significant corporate sponsorships and support. (Herald-Sun)

Convention Center Contract Bid: City and county officials will be putting the Convention Center management contract out for bid; current center and adjacent Marriott operator Shaner Hotels is expected to bid, but officials noted they heard interest from other firms in running the convention center, too. The H-S reports that a consultant report on the center found that the 2005 deal with Shaner allowed the hotelier to get reimbursed for some costs that benefit both the hotel and convention center, and city/county leaders are making it clear they want to see that closed out with a new deal. (Herald-Sun)

"Waiting for Superman" Showing: A mid- or late-Oct. date is set for a showing of the anticipated documentary film 'Waiting for Superman,' a look at the state of the American educational system through the lens of charter schools and other reform efforts. The US Chamber of Commerce picked Durham as one of a dozen cities to have showings of the film followed by a community forum and discussion. (Herald-Sun)

Waiting for Recyclers: Meanwhile, the old water meters coming out of the ground to make way for radio-read meters have gone up for bid on an auction site specializing in public sector surplus. 41 tons of meters are expected to come up for surplus -- and at 85% copper by weight, they should have metal recyclers drooling. A few of the meters will stick around as replacements for broken legacy meters or for any new development, since the City only wants to switch out meters to the AMR system on a neighborhood-by-neighborhood basis. (Herald-Sun)

Comp Plan Review: Durham's non-binding "comprehensive plan" outlining future development locations is likely to get a near-term review, based on feedback from local officials who want to see some tweaks. Discussions over water body buffers around Jordan Lake (highlighted by the 751 South project), tax breaks for local landmarks, and environmental regulations are all likely hot-topic issues. (Herald-Sun)


Todd P

Is there any chance these thousands of new water meters are made in the good ol' USA? This is a good sized order that could keep US workers on the job for a while.


re: rain and absorption vs. runoff -- the N&O quoted someone from the State saying the opposite of the H-S:

"Drought conditions have hardened the soil so much that downpours may produce runoff and flash flooding, quickly filling reservoirs and streams."

Read more:

Tar Heelz

Feel the Flow...


Re "Waiting for Superman":a link to read before you go is:

Hope I didn't spoil the ending. ;)


Back in the day, you would expect local professional media to have an investigative reporter on staff to explicate the relationship between the first two items on today's 'wrap, including the flash flood watch that most of the Piedmont is under.


Ryan B.

The ground absorbs the first inch or so, then the rest goes to runoff. Checking the local streamflows, they have hardly moved given the 2+ inches of rain.

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