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Durham ranked #1 in the US by CNN Money as a place to retire

BCR's Daily Fishwrap Report for September 10, 2010

Sept. 20 for Greenfire: The nearly $53 million deal to renovate the Hill Building downtown -- that tower with the SunTrust logo atop it -- into a boutique hotel and spa will face a crucial test on September 20 when the City Council considers an incentives package valued at $4.2 million for the project. The H-S has details on the project, which City staff have said would return more in tax payments than it would cost in incentives over time, though at least one other developer has questioned whether the City's commitment to the deal would crowd out possible public support for other developers and projects such as the once-proposed Minor League Baseball attraction. (Herald-Sun)

Chancellor's Ridge HOA in 751 Suit: The homeowners association for the Chancellor's Ridge subdivision has joined the appeal of the invalidation of a South Durham residents' protest petition on the case; the HOA, which had joined the original petition on behalf of property held in common by the association, initially said it would refrain from participating in legal battles due to the expense, but a group of SoDur residents have agreed to cover their share of costs. (Herald-Sun, Indy)

King's Featured: The N&O's faceless (for anonymity's sake) restaurant reviewer Greg Cox takes a bite out of King's Sandwich Shop in today's paper, apparently enjoying his food as the restaurant continues its shakedown cruise with limited Tuesday to Saturday lunchtime hours. (N&O)

Lewis Makes Rams: Former Duke QB Thaddeus Lewis wasn't picked in the NFL Draft this year, but ended up getting a free agent offer from the St. Louis Rams and making it through pre-season to become the #3 quarterback on the squad. The H-S has a nice feature on Duke's all-time leading passer and former second-team All-ACC play-caller. (Herald-Sun)


Doug Roach

Add my vote to those who are happy to see King's return.
I stopped in last Wednesday and not knowing where to start, ordered the most pricey thing on the board, The Cackalacky King. That's a beer-soaked brat on a bun loaded - and I mean LOADED - with pulled pork.
That could have been the most pleasurable guilty pleasure I've had in months. Fabulous flavors that are combined to perfection and just enough grease to make it a mess.

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