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Shaw, Eno team to take reins at Piedmont

Piedmont From the that-didn't-take-long department: Remember our mention yesterday that Marco Shaw had another, undisclosed restaurant project he'd be pitching in on while waiting for Eno to open?

We're going to go out on a limb and say that would be Piedmont, the Foster St. restaurant that has for a few years -- along with Rue Cler -- been one of the pioneers in this round of downtown renaissance, becoming one of the first foodie destinations so close to the city center.

The Italian-themed restaurant in Scientific Properties digs is going under new ownership, according to a press release. 

And while the folks associated with Eno Restaurant are seeking an investor to get their Mangum St. project bootstrapped, they evidently had the means to acquire Piedmont -- with Marco Shaw "tak[ing] over day-to-day operations."

From the press release:

Piedmont has been open since 2006 and serves classic Northern Italian Cuisine made with locally raised North Carolina ingredients. The menu focuses on fresh pasta and house cured charcuterie.  The new ownership will allow Piedmont to source directly from the Eno Hospitality partner farm, Coon Rock Farm.

Jamie DeMent, Eno Hospitality partner, announced the news today, saying, “Piedmont fits perfectly within our farm-to-table model.  We have Zely & Ritz in Raleigh.  We are working to open Eno Restaurant & Market with a regionally focused menu and Piedmont allows us to branch into traditonal Italian cuisine.”  Chef Marco Shaw said, “I have always been attracted to the simplicity, seasonality and sensibility of Italian cooking.  I cannot wait to prepare Coon Rock’s finest in rustic Italian dishes.”

Previously, Marco Shaw was the chef-owner of Fife Restaurant in Portland, Oregon where he was praised for his casual, ingredient-driven menu which he changed daily based on ingredients available within 100 miles.  Gourmet Magazine named Fife one of “America’s Best Farm-to-Table Restaurants” in 2008, and offered, “Chef-owner Marco Shaw’s farm-to-table credentials are outstanding, even for Portland… for eleven months of the year all of the produce, meat, and fish on the menu comes from sustainable or organic regional farms.” Every year since opening in December 2002, The Oregonian featured Fife Restaurant as one of Portland’s “best restaurants.”

Before Fife, Shaw was executive chef at Tuscany Grill, a rustic Italian restaurant in Portland.

Eno Hospitality also operates the popular Raleigh restaurant Zely & Ritz.

Terms of the sale transaction and the timeline for the change were not disclosed. Update: Per the N&O's Andrea Weigl, "DeMent says they were approached by Andy Magowan, the only remaining original owner of Piedmont about buying the restaurant. The other original owners, Drew Brown and Abby Pearce, have moved onto other endeavors.... DeMent says Magowan and Shaw will work together for one week during the transition.



I guess it has been awhile since I've been to Piedmont for anything other than brunch (they better keep the eggs Piedmont on the menu!) but I thought they were more French inspired than Italian??

Or maybe I'm just geographically challenged regarding cuisine.

Regardless, sounds like a positive development for all.


Bone-crushing news! The real focus of this story is Andy Magowan, the first genius at the Federal and a huge force at Piedmont. Andy's food has been for me the pride of Durham's food culture. Andy, don't leave us!

Kevin Davis

@R: Good news, Magowan isn't leaving the food scene. From the N&O's Weigl again--

"Andy Magowan sent me a statement via e-mail about his future plans: "I'm leaving Piedmont in order to start a beer-garden/restaurant in Durham, a smaller place with a large outdoor seating area. I will serve simple but high-quality, seasonal, all-American food, and will maintain my interest in and support for local foods & farmers."

Read more: http://blogs.newsobserver.com/food/piedmont-sold-to-coon-rock-farmzely-ritz-folks#ixzz0wa2yFpmq"


Andy Magowan is the best chef in Durham. The fed's menu still taste's like his work. Andy- publicly post what you need to start your new digs. I say with confidence the community will help you bring it to fruition.

Erik Landfried

I am praying, praying that the beer garden/restaurant he is looking for is at Golden Belt. They have the exact type of space he is describing. Make it happen Andy!

John Martin

Erik, you are absolutely right. Golden Belt is the perfect place for the type of restaurant Andy is describing. Parking is easy and convenient (unlike some places downtown). And, now, with the Bull City Connector, you don't even have to worry about parking. Just take the bus from West Durham, Duke, or Trinity Park.

Sabrina L.

Had sandy fried potatoes served to me (yes, sandy, as in "tiny rocks") at Piedmont one time, and never went back. Too crunchy on my teeth, and too many other delicious options in Durham to take a chance on that happening again with my limited time and dining dollars. Will definitely give Piedmont another try after new ownership takes over.


re: piedmont french or italian? i always though they were supposed reflect the cuisine of both - the piedmont of northwest italy and southeast france....

Brendan Love

Andy is one of Durham's greatest creative geniuses. I have always had a great time at Piedmont. Rock and roll, brother!


@Mary: Piedmont is meant to reflect the Piedmont region that encompasses mostly northern italy, but also areas of southern france. think Tuscan, rustic, seasonal, homespun

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