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Indy: 751 South developer pledges to meet Jordan Lake Rules among other proffers

The Indy continues its excellent reporting on the 751 South case, bringing the news last night that the developers of 751 South are pledging to meet the new Jordan Lake Rules' requirements for run-off and pollution.

During public meetings including a contentious Durham Planning Commission confab earlier this year, the developers talked about the environmental benefits of smart growth, but their decision not to commit to such standards raised concerns that tax dollars could eventually have to be used to retrofit the development. From the Indy:

Mitchell said 751 South would meet future rules for Jordan Lake, which state the development could discharge no more than 2.2 pounds of nitrogen per acre, per year, and no more than half a pound of phosphorus per acre, per year.

Nitrogen and phosphorus are two naturally occurring nutrients that have been found in high concentrations in Jordan Lake. When levels rise, they fuel algae in water bodies, which can wreak havoc on the ecosystem. Standards for these pollutants in Jordan Lake are currently less stringent, but are anticipated to change over the next two years...

To reduce the pollutants generated by the development, Southern Durham Development will have to use both management systems for stormwater and runoff, and nutrient offset programs, Mitchell said, which would reduce the net impact of nutrient runoff from the development.

The Indy goes into detail at their place on the other verbal proffers at this point, which include:

  • 10% of homes (130 units) as affordable housing per federal guidelines
  • 55% (88 acres) of impervious surface
  • Commitment to hold to the street layout currently shown on project sketches -- something the developers say would prevent the kind of wide internal roads needed for big-box stores

See the Indy for more details.


Doug Roach

Gee... what a surprise... verbal "commitment" after verbal "commitment" as the days count down.
Talk is cheap.


Just wanted to let you all know that Samiha at the Indy is breaking the story that NC Attorney Generals' office has given Lowell (Encyclopedia Brown) Siler a 6 page document outlining the state's authority to reject the gift of the easement.

What Siler will do with it is anybody's guess.


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