BCR's Daily Fishwrap Report for August 25, 2010
BCR's Daily Fishwrap Report for August 26, 2010

Flywheel sponsors "Splash Mob" tomorrow at Durham Central Park

Splashmob Let's be real. It's been brutally, horribly, unseasonably, unbearably hot this summer. BCR has heard from precisely one person (an ex-Granite Stater, though not my uxorial half) who has loved the weather, and approximately twelve hundred who can't wait for fall to get here -- or for global climate change to just start sloughing the damn ice shelf into the oceans so we can all drown already.

The folks at Flywheel Design seem to be thinking the same thing, or so we'd imagine based on their calling for shenanigans tomorrow at 5:30pm at Durham Central Park for the first-ever "downtown deluge" of what they're calling a "Splash Mob" event.

Yes, it's a play on the flash-mob idea that's been wired then tired in recent years. Yes, there will be water balloons and water pistols provided by the downtown design agency -- though you are encouraged to BYO water guns.

No, Durham Fire Chief Bruce Pagan, before you ask: it is not fair play to send the downtown fire house crews out there with high-pressure hoses hooked up to a fire hydrant. Yeah, I'd be the one calling shenanigans on that one.

Oh, and there's a Flywheel-sponsored after-party at Fullsteam Brewery downtown after. More at Flywheel's web site.


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