BCR's Daily Fishwrap Report for August 26, 2010
Casbah aims for mid-September bow, adds music vet for bookings

Bikram Yoga Durham announces Fri. opening date

The previously announced Bikram Yoga Durham will be opening at Golden Belt tomorrow.

Billed as "the original hot yoga," it's a workout in a 40-50% humidity, 105-degree room, with the heat intended to help protect muscles, detoxify the body, and drive demand for Gatorade sales. (We're kidding about that last bit. I think.)

The studio will be accessible via the eastern side of the Golden Belt complex off Belt St., according to the facility's owners and the folks at Downtown Durham Inc. who posted a video tour of the new space to their web site yesterday.

Whether you like your yoga hot or not, the 4,000 sq. ft. space will also feature a retail store with mats, workout outfits and the like.

See more in Wednesday's Herald-Sun, or check out the Bikram Yoga Durham web site for more information.


Raymond G.

Can someone show me the shortcut from Belt street into American Tobacco? :)

So many cool renovated mills. Hard to keep them straight Kevin.


Yeah, It should just say Golden Belt in the first sentence.


The best short cut is to run over the train tracks all the way from one to another.

Kevin Davis

D'oh. Thanks. Fixed.

Yogi Bear

I find it hilarious that people would pay to do yoga in a climate controlled humid 105 degree room in North Carolina in August. I also find it a bit ironic that LEED-certified Golden Belt will soon have a tenant using oodles of energy to heat their space to 105 degrees come winter. Leaving that snarkiness aside, I am happy to see another interest new tenant land at Golden Belt.

Scrabby Doo

Dude, Golden Belt should get a Golden Corral. Then you can get all-you-can eat steaks and mashed potatoes, and then you can burned it all off with some Bikram Yoga!

Editing Is Your Friend

I hope DDI isn't paying this "video guy" very much.


Hi Yogi Bear - Come check out the heating system at Bikram Yoga Durham. It's as efficient as they come! The studio also invested in Rinnai Tankless Gas Heaters to decrease energy use. Just one of many thoughtful and significant investments the studio made to decrease energy use, and independently qualify for LEED certification. There's no bad time to practice Bikram's hot yoga - including muggy NC days.

Sweaty Jones

I toured it during construction, and the hot room is located in an interior room with no exterior windows or walls and is insanely insulated. So, maintaining a 105 degree temperature really isn't that big of an energy investment using modern high efficiency equipment supposedly. Especially when you get 60 bodies in there.

Kevin Davis

@Editing: Matthew Coppedge does this videos for DDI; hes staff and not a full-time videographer.  And hey, isnt that the point of Flip cameras and other lightweight video equipment? Fast, quick access to get videos up on the web? Im not expecting perfect, just watchable. (And in fact, if you look at the occasional BCR contributions to YouTube at the bcrising account, youll notice equal or worse production quality.)

Editing is your Friend

@BCR, I guess I'm just thinking about the source. If an average Joe makes a video about a new business and puts it on YouTube, wonderful. But if an entity called "Downtown Durham, Incorporated" makes the same video? Yeah, I expect a little more. Aren't they about putting the best possible face forward for our community?

I'm sure Mr. Coppedge does a ton for downtown Durham, I'm glad to know he's a staffer and they didn't pay someone from the outside to do this. Maybe his bosses should think about the value of letting someone with more skills in the video area handle this stuff. Unfortunately, it doesn't feel "funky" or "gritty," it just feels painfully amateur.

durham booster

went to durham bikram for the first time on sunday, and found the studio absolutely beautiful - just a lovely and inviting space (for the record, while the practice room is an internal room, it gets lots of natural light via transom windows. very open and airy feeling). easy to get to, plenty of parking, no reason to be scared off by the east main street adress. the staff was welcoming and it was great to see that they got such a good turnout on their first weekend. as a durhamite, i'm thrilled that these folks have invested in our community, and i wish them nothing but good luck!

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