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BCR's Daily Fishwrap Report for August 25, 2010

School Tiers Released...: DPS released its new tiers of school performance and expectation under the district's Design for Accelerated Progress program. Tier 1 schools -- which will receive priority for resources and staffing -- include Y.E. Smith and Glenn elementary schools; Chewning, Lowe's Grove and Neal middle; and Southern High plus the Lakeview alternative school. The Tier 3 and 4 schools included most of those on the "desirable" list (in the screwed up way we think about schools), including DSA, Jordan, Riverside, and elementaries like Watts, Mangum, Hillandale, Creekside, Forest View and the like. (N&O)

...As Race to the Top "Won": Meanwhile, NC ended up winning up to $400m in the Obama administration's Race to the Top program, with the state agreeing to impose innovative new measures such as allowing school districts to transform perennially low-performing schools into public charters (with full refresh of staff and administration) or opening the door for state officials to manage disappointing schools. The state, meanwhile, gets dollars to support a new-teacher corps and to encourage innovative methods for school success. (N&O)

Most Teachers Rehired: DPS was able to hire nearly 200 teachers this summer, including rehiring almost of those let go in the spring budget crisis, thanks to the state's lottery funds shift and a local property tax boost. The new school year kicks off today. (Herald-Sun)

Groundbreaking for City of Medicine Academy: The permanent home of the City of Medicine Academy -- a small-school program with a health focus that is a strong-performing DPS charter -- saw its groundbreaking yesterday adjacent to Durham Regional Hospital. (Herald-Sun)

Locopops Featured: The Boston Globe of all places has a nice write-up on Locopops, retelling the locally well-known history of Summer Bicknell's path from MBA to Mexico to making mmmmm's on Hillsborough Rd. (Boston Globe)

Bulls Record: Durham Bulls pitcher Richard De Los Santos set a franchise record for most wins by a AAA pitcher (14), while the Bulls' 73-44 record ties the marks from '09 and '99 for most wins in a season. The Bulls also won their ninth straight. (Herald-Sun)



Thanks for the shout-out for CMA, Kevin. One slight correction, though, in that City of Medicine Academy (where I teach) is a School of Choice, not a charter school. We are part of the DPS system and offer an alternative for students at the high school level. The groundbreaking was great yesterday and there were several media outlets present, but you wouldn't know it except for the lone write-up I saw in the H-S.

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