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"The Geer" announces new name

One of Durham's two new music venues, currently undergoing construction at the corner of Rigsbee and Geer in the DAP district of downtown, has announced their official name (for info on the second venue, see this BCR story).

According to a profile of Chris Tamplin in this week's edition of the Indy, the venue has adopted the name "Motorco Music Hall".  Mind you, this announcement may be inadvertent, as a Facebook post from July 14 claims that the unveiling of the name will not occur for a few weeks.

For pictures of the construction progress, visit the new venue's official site,

2010 looks like it will go down as the year that the DAP area re-emerges as a vibrant commercial district.  This year should mark the official opening of Fullsteam brewery, the opening of Motorco Music Hall and, if the health inspection report at CarpeDurham is any indication, King's Sandwich Shop should be opening in the next few weeks.



I'm really excited about all three of these. I've stopped in at each of them as they were open for various events (in the case of The (former) Geer, I stopped by and someone was kind enough to let me in to have a peek). Not only do they all look really promising, but they seem to all be run by really awesome people.


Yikes! Motorco Music Hall? Seriously?? I get it...the venue used to be a car repair shop. Those that only hear the name (and have never seen the building) might think they are in Detroit, not Durham. Hopefully all vestiges of the former garage are not gone by the time they complete the remodel. The Geer was soooo much better. Bad choice.


I have to agree. "(insert band) is playin' at the Geer" pretty catchy. Either way, good to see more options on the scene.


yeah, guys, if you're reading, if that's the new name, please keep brainstorming. the geer is concise, place making, and memorable. motorco music hall is a mouthfull, derivative, unduly seems to reference detroit (C. Smith is spot on), and extremely unmemorable. reconsider the geer, that is a perfect name!! booking agents, bands, and customers will all appreciate it.


I too prefer "The Geer". The word "Motorco" is awkward to say, and sounds, to my ears, kinda cheesy. "The Geer" sounds classy and timeless.


I agree with everyone else! "The Geer" has such an authentic, memorable ring to it but "Motorco" evokes no place (other than Detroit) or feeling to it.


Also "Geer" evokes "gear", a nice bonus for the garage history. Of course it's possible that the name can't be used because of association with another venue or organization...


Yea definitely stick with the "Geer"........No offense but that name isn't too catchy.

Too outdated.


i'd vote for "The Geer" too, not that anyone asked :)

Michael Bacon

As long as they keep a gear prominently figured in their imagery, I'm going to feel fine continuing to call it "the Geer."

Captain Janks

I have to agree. Motorco is a terrible choice.


apart from sounding long, detroit-ish and all that other stuff...i have to say, it sounds overall LAME


I actually kind of like the new name...if you just say "Motorco".


Update: I saw the new "Motorco" sign being installed on the corner of the building this afternoon. Looked to be in the Art Deco retro style -- I think people will get used to the name soon enough, especially if they manage to book some great bands.


Might be cool to continue to casually refer to is as "The Geer" - let it have two names that only the locals know about...

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