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The Beer City: Triangle Brewing Company doubles capacity as it approaches its third anniversary

BCR's Daily Fishwrap Report for July 8, 2010

Durham #3 in Wage Growth?: The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a 4Q 2009 gain in weekly wages of 9.5% for workers in Durham County -- third-best nationally among large counties, and amounting to $1,239 per week wages for Durham employees. That compares to a 1.5% increase and $929/wk. wages in Durham. The TBJ speculates that Cree's expansion may have factored in, though a commenter at the Journal's online site notes that there's got to be some head-scratching over the calculation given limited pay increases at Duke's university and medical center, the county's largest employer. (TBJ)

Economist Says Green Light for NC Growth: Our state, and our Triangle region in particular, are well-positioned for economic recovery, NCSU economist Mike Walden says in his latest Economic Outlook release; he sees up to 80,000 jobs created in the state this year and next and notes that our region's focus on education, health care and tech/R&D serves the Raleigh and Durham MSAs well for recovery and growth. (Herald-Sun)

Cree Deal Helps Company: Durham-based Cree has signed a cross-licensing deal with its major LED lighting competitor Philips allowing each company to make use of a number of each other's patents; the move between the industry titans puts to rest fear of an intellectual property battle between the two firms, which have been close competitors in developing next-generation lighting. Cree's stock price rose headily on the news. (N&O)

Sweepstakes Ban Looms: The sweepstakes cafes that have proliferated in the state -- especially in higher-poverty strip centers, opponents warn -- are a step closer to closing their doors on Dec. 1 after the House matched the state Senate's closure plan. WUNC's Laura Leslie has comprehensive coverage of an issue that's attracted significant attention this year. (WUNC)

Chain Ban: Durham County's ban on chaining dogs outside unattended went into effect in January but enforcement by County officials started only last week. The N&O rides along with an enforcement officer and describes the process of how the law is enforced and what help is available to those needing better options for their dogs. (The Durham News)

New Chewning Principal: The N&O has an interesting-read interview with Jim Key, the former Riverside principal who tells the paper he chose to head back to Chewning Middle, from which he graduated in its first "graduating class," to try to turn around the long-struggling, image-impaired middle school. (The Durham News)

751 Oppo Lawyer Up: The H-S notes that citizen opponents of the 751 South mixed-use development near Jordan Lake's northern edge have hired Dan Blue's law firm to represent them in the ongoing battle over the controversial rezoning case. That case is scheduled for a County Commission hearing starting next Wed. 7/14 but which is expected to be continued until 7/26 due to the travel schedules of several commissioners. (Herald-Sun)

Durham Non-City Crime Up: The Sheriff's Office has reported that crimes in Durham County outside the city limits were up 8% in the first six months of 2010 versus the same period in aught-nine. Sheriff Hill noted that the total increase amounted to only 34 crimes, and that the clearance rate of 72% was still well above national averages. (Herald-Sun)


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