Durham's Tobacco Road Sports Cafe opens at lunch today
It's official: new superintendent announcement tonight

BCR's Daily Fishwrap Report for April 28, 2010

More DPS Signs: It's looking more and more certain that there'll be a superintendent announcement taking place tonight at the Fuller Bldg. The Herald-Sun weighs in on the speculation game in this morning's paper, giving some background on the search. School board chair Minnie Forte-Brown wouldn't be interviewed for the H-S' Matt Milliken, but did tell the N&O's Stan Chambers, "Tomorrow's a big day; just be in the room." (Herald-Sun, N&O)

Bullocks Scrutinized: Family-owned BBQ fave Bullock's saw a public health warning go out after more than a dozen patrons got a food-borne illness, possibly salmonella. The food in question was picked up as a to-go order, not consumed on premises, and owner Tommy Bullock tells the H-S that he doesn't think other patrons got sick, questioning whether food safety was imperiled after the chow left the restaurant. (Herald-Sun)

Magnolia Grill Featured: The N&O takes a nice look at the culinary history of Magnolia Grill's Ben and Karen Barker, this generation's deans of Triangle dining, through the lens of the many chefs they've mentored through their careers -- many of whom have moved on to helm other renowned restaurants in the Triangle or elsewhere. It's a solid read and gives some more background into the dissemination of the work of the Barkers', both James Beard award-winners, and the only two such winners in North Carolina. (N&O)

New NCCU Plan: NC Central is preparing to kick off its new, full-decade strategic plan, looking this time to get input from alumni for the first time ever in such a process. In the past five years (guided by the last such plan), enrollment is up 11% at Central and the number of graduating students rose nearly 20%. (Herald-Sun #1, #2

District 1A Feature: All three of today's profiles in the school board race candidates series are must reads. And if anyone figures out what the heck John Tarantino is saying in the fourth from last paragraph of his feature, let me know, 'kay?


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