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BCR's Daily Fishwrap Report for March 15, 2010

Life on the Durham streets: Angry blood giving guy is angry

Passive_aggressive_tp Walking through the Trinity Park one of these fine recent spring days, I wasn't quite sure what to make of this plea for donating blood, posted in the bulletin board case along Watts St.

It's an interesting neighbor to the more typical food drive, babysitting and dog-walking services advertised there, I must say.

I've seen fervent pleas for donations of blood before, but this one almost has to take the case for its, well, insistence in the need to "get off of lazy butts" and get down to the church to get pricked.

Somehow, "pricked" comes to mind with this one in other ways, but what the heck, you get the point. 

Phone number obscured to protect the extra-vigilant and overeager.



I saw one of these posted in the lobby of the public library downtown yesterday too. This person is serious - and it's not just Trinity Park being recruited. :-)


There was one posted on the Northgate Park message board at the tennis courts.


Love this. hahaha

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