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BCR Rumor Mill: "Bull Durham" sequel inching closer to production?

Here's one to place firmly in the "rumor mill" category, and given the history of false starts here it's good to take this one with a big tablet of sale -- but hey, it's been a while since we've heard any news on this project.

A BCR source reports that Thom Mount's efforts to bring a Bull Durham sequel to life are moving forward, with a number of the original film's stars -- including its three leads -- reportedly signed on to be a part of the movie's sequel.

According to the report, funding is in place for the film with plans to film at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park, along with a small number of scenes at the historic DAP.

Mount was spotted in town this week, reportedly meeting with local leaders in preparation for a broader ramp-up on the filming.

Lots of slips happen in Hollywood along the way to shooting a film -- much less releasing it. Mount himself, for instance, was initially closely-attached to "Main Street," which filmed in Durham last spring, having brought screenwriter Horton Foote to town to inspire the film's script. By the time of filming, though, Mount was no longer the "producer of record" for the film, "Main Street" (and onetime "Bull Durham") publicist David Linck hesitantly noted on our "Shooting the Bull" radio show back in April 2009.

Assuming that a Bull Durham sequel really is underway, there's no more word on what plotlines might follow the film. Though as a baseball fan first and a "Bull Durham" fan second, we here at BCR are more than partial to ESPN writer Jim Caple's Manny Ramirez-in-the-minors take on a sequel-spoof last year.



I think I recall reading on aintitcool or some other movie Web site that one of the potential plot lines involved Nuke and Annie buying the team and installing Crash as the manager. That would clash with the ending of the first movie, where Annie and Crash ended up together. Excited for the prospects of a sequel (one of the best sports movies of all time) but I would hope they do justice to the characters.

Doug Roach

What made Bull Durham a classic was the script. Yeah, the stars added their own bit of panache to it but if the writing wasn't there, it never would have endured.
If the rumored sequel is to have any hope of being worthy of the name, someone needs to drop a dime on Ron Shelton.


Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon have split up since this was originally bandied about. That would seem to decrease the chance of an appearance by Nuke. I guess the producers could always pull a Speed 2 or Darrin #2 and recast Nuke. Or maybe the magic of the Bull City will reunite Team America's favorite liberal duo.

Scott Donner

Dolly's vintage is going to be moving from Brightleaf Square to 213 W. Main St. this fall. Currently the Main St. pharmarcy occupies the entire first floor but we will be dividing the space and placing Dolly's on the west end of the building. New entrances, windows,transoms will be restored much like the building originally was built. Scott

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