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BCR's Daily Fishwrap Report for February 12, 2010

NCCU Audit Questions: An audit at NC Central claimed five-digit graft by employees of the school's consortium aiming at closing achievement gaps between black and white college students, the N&O writes in today's paper. NCCU Chancellor Charlie Nelms had terminated a program head and then ordered the audit that found wrongdoing -- but then fired the auditor as well, claiming its investigation was poorly-done and that he wants to review original fieldwork before releasing the report. The N&O's read of the audit found allegations that program staff had incorporated third-party companies and transmitted vendor payments to them to augment their compensation. (N&O)

Giuliani Lawsuit: Former Duke golf player Andrew Giuliani's case made it to federal court in Greensboro yesterday, with university attorneys arguing there was no breach of contract in the mayoral progeny's dismissal from the golf team, while lawyers for the onetime student-athlete rejoined that he was offered access to campus golf facilities and the like for four years plus post-graduation life as part of his agreement to attend. A magistrate last year sided with the university in the matter. (Herald-Sun, N&O)

NC Central Housing Crunch: The housing crunch isn't getting better anytime soon at Central, as looming new dormitory construction completion won't be nearly in time to meet the demand from rising enrollment quite yet. Most juniors and seniors who aren't student-athletes or in specialized "learning community" housing will find themselves in off-campus housing next year -- and the Millennium Hotel deal from last year is out due to its budgetary impact. (Herald-Sun)

McKinney-Nationwide Campaign: The ad stars at downtown Durham's McKinney who brought you that Travelocity icon "The Roaming Gnome" are at it again, with a campaign for new client Nationwide Insurance featuring "The World's Greatest Spokesperson in the World" debuting today on national TV. (N&O)

UNC System and NCCU Tuitions Proposed to Rise: The UNC system is proposing 5.2% average increases in tuition to support the campuses, a counter to state rumblings of a 7%+ rise that would all flow to the general coffers of the financially battered state. Central students would see a $113 increase in price. (Herald-Sun)

Hayti Film Festival Gears Up: The N&O looks at the Hayti Heritage Film Festival, a fifteen year institution in Durham that'll be featuring independent films and shorts next weekend at the Hayti Heritage Center on Fayetteville St. (N&O)

Cheek Internship Profiled: Duke women's hoop star Joy Cheek and City Councilman Eugene Brown now share something they can be proud of -- they've both worked for Joe Biden. Cheek served a public policy internship last summer in VP Biden's White House office, profiled in today's H-S. (Herald-Sun)



I wonder if NCCU will re-visit leasing the hotel across from University Ford? What is going on with it anyway? It seems to go through periods of remodeling, some leasing activity, then shuts down a few months thereafter.

Matt Drew

You would think, given the current situation of the hotel market, that NCCU could work out a deal that would be significantly cheaper than last year. That makes me wonder about just how bad their finances are.

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