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BCR's Daily Fishwrap Report for November 2, 2009

rXr CDs reopens, now at Mangum 506

rXr CDs -- the alternative music and movies store that was open for a while over on Parrish St. adjacent to Blue Coffee -- has found a new downtown home a bit to the north, becoming the first ground-level retail business to open shop in the Mangum 506 development across from Public Hardware at the southern end of the Cleveland-Holloway neighborhood.

After an ongoing stint online, the store is celebrating its reopening as a physical store, today on (what else?) Halloween, with goodie bags for the first 25 patrons. The shop is scheduled to be open from noon to 6pm, Tuesdays through Saturdays, and features paperback books, t-shirts, pins and other miscellany along with their bread-and-butter of new and used CDs and DVDs.



Stopped by to check out the new spot - great space, and I hope we see more original retail like this downtown. If you were lucky enough to get one of her goodie bags, hopefully you got a killer skull-and-crossbones coaster.

Terry Webb

How did the neighborhood allow this unnatural building at 506 Mangum st. Parking,dense,too close to the street and too high. Thanks to Scott Harmon this is what Durham has to look forward to more greed and form base trickery Atlanta congestion, welcome to Durham!!! No problem with change but what won't they do to run over other existing buildings and homes in the area"Yours may be next".

Kevin Davis

@Terry -- you're the same person who posted as Jerry bashing Scott on another story, from the same IP address at least.

If you're going to play at trolling, get a second IP -- and avoid having faux-donyms that rhyme with each other....

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