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TROSA "mega yard sale" to benefit non-profit this weekend

Trosa_yardsale If you're one of the (hopefully few) Durhamites who isn't familiar with TROSA -- Triangle Residential Options for Substance Abusers -- you should be.

One of the characteristic events in becoming a Durham resident, it's seemed to me, is asking around for a mover or a lawn care company or a place to buy furniture and hearing the word "TROSA." When we needed day movers to take us from our apartment to our house, we got the advice from our landlord's office to use TROSA -- 'the best movers in town,' they told us.

And they were. Great move; fast, inexpensive, incredibly courteous.

Not at all what someone without any knowledge of the organization might assume, given the unfortunate stereotypes that tend to prevail in our country's unsuccessful war on drugs. But, then again, TROSA isn't your average non-profit, either.

The men and women who make the choice to enter their two-year program have to make a serious commitment to changing their lives -- and if they put the effort in, at TROSA's large campus on James St. and later in their second year around Durham's neighborhoods, they graduate from an organization that has one of the lowest relapse rates of any program of its kind.


TROSA's a Durham success story -- and it's a success story that's helped thousands of men and women turn their life around. This weekend, it's your chance to help.

From 7am-5pm today and Saturday, come out for TROSA's yard sale, at 1820 James St. Home and office accessories; men's, women's, and children's clothing; construction and household furnishings; and more, all available at this two-day sale.

Many of these are items donated to TROSA, the vast majority of which go into housing, feeding and clothing the program's residents. Those that can't be are turned around for sale by the non-profit, with the dollars raised helping to support the program.

So come out and support TROSA this weekend -- and, hey, keep them in mind next time you're moving, too.



Don't forget to keep TROSA in mind for your framing needs - they did a beautiful job on my graduate diploma.


Great Post Kevin. They are great indeed. We used them when we moved months ago.


Also they have storage! Climate controled and secure for the cheapies.

Additionally, we've used their moving services and furniture shop. Such a great organization.


We have used TROSA many times for moving, we've bought Christmas trees from them and try to support them wherever we can do so. I echo everything you've written, it is a wonderful organization and we've been very pleased with our experiences with the individuals working for TROSA.


I've never seen so much ranch dressing in my life.

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