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BCR's Daily Fishwrap Report for August 5, 2009

The Tavern getting closer to opening in old Music Loft space

Musicloft It's hard to tell from the outside, but word is that renovations are nearing completion on The Tavern's new location, set for the old Music Loft space near Ninth Street along Markham Ave.

The 6,000 sq. ft. space for the establishment -- a long-time fixture in the New Hope Commons area of south Durham -- is an expansion over its current space. Owner Dave Oholendt told BCR back in February that he was hoping for a spring opening, but a summer opening it looks to be. Update: We're hearing the weekend of August 21/22 may be in the cards for the debut.

A soft opening in the near future is a possibility, with a grand opening expected in the next few weeks. According to The Tavern's web site, the business is now hiring for employees at the new location. All inspections are complete at the space save for the health inspection, itself planned for this week.

Look for trivia, karaoke, and poker nights, along with live music, DJs and pool tables in the space.



I *really* appreciate your posting this information! :)

Seth Vidal

I sometimes wonder how many bar or bar-like places the area around 9th st needs.

Dains, Charlies, Sirens (or whatever it is called) Metro 9 (or whatever it is this week).

And now the Tavern.

It's like irish-themed bars along main st near downtown. How many do you need before there are too many?


Seth--it's easy. When the bars already open aren't able to turn a profit, you have too many!

S Gwaltney

The Tavern will be a good music venue to the 9th ST area. They can have real bands. I'm pretty excited.

Joshua Allen

Are they gonna have a new sign before they open?


That's an old picture before they took the Music Loft sign down. They've had their own sign up for a while now.


I'd still love to know how they handled parking requirements with the city - there can't be more than 15 or 20 spaces in their parking lot, and it seems like a bar that size would need more than that per city standards...Is there some kind of 9th Street exemption, or is a Tavern owner reading by any chance?

Dan Clever

Perhaps it's because it's in the compact neighborhood tier? That allows you to put in just 90% of the amount of parking normally required.

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