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Dos Perros opens to big crowds, hopes to add beer and wine tonight

As Joe reported yesterday, Dos Perros opened on Monday -- and, as the N&O noted, the crowds were so large, and the possibility of running out of food so great, the restaurant decided not to serve dinner its first night.

Rest assured, though. The new downtown Mexican eatery by renowned chef Charlie Deal will be open for lunch and dinner today.

And with tasty adult beverages to boot, by the way. The N&O's Andrea Weigl reports that the restaurant expects its liquor license to be in hand today, meaning "at least beer and wine" is expected to be available for tonight's dinner service.


G Wolf

Any idea when they will start serving dinner?


Their web site says they serve dinner from 5:30 to 10:00 M-Sat.

Jessica @ JJsVinBlanc

Just had a fantastic lunch there - very friendly and quick service too! I resisted, but was told they had warm churros with chocolate dipping sace for dessert :)


I was not able to resist the churros. They were GREAT!


I just had shredded pork carnitas there today. Excellent quality, flavor, and texture, and plenty of meat for the money. This is not the place for pasty frijoles refritos and minute rice! Fresh jicama salad for the soft tacos was a good indicator. The atmosphere is upscale and cool without being pretentious. Service was fast, but the bartender was a little shy and aloof. Good selection of tequilas and comfortable bar stools. Only wish would be that there was some outside garden seating, but they probably don't own the cross-through.

For me, first time is the charm, so Dos Perros moves to the number one spot in Durham for "quality" Mexican cuisine so far. Toreros is bumped down to second spot, which maintains long-time points for a trifecta of flavor, service, and value.


I went there last week for lunch, and the food was superb, and the service professional. The pinto beans were probably the most flavorful I have ever encountered (and I have encuontered a lot of beans in my day).
Another treasure to add to Durham's embarrassment of culinary riches.

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