DPS responds on Reading Street parental complaints
School board's Davis: I'd have voted for Erwin-Cornwallis

BCR's Daily Fishwrap Report for August 28, 2009

It a schools-heavy edition of the Fishwrap today, thanks to a busy school board meeting last night:

  • The Herald-Sun and N&O both cover the ongoing dispute over the Reading Street program, which has created anger among some teachers and parents, while DPS and its superintendent Carl Harris say that there's been a "communications breakdown" and that the district would never knowingly limit the amount of instruction or level of proficiency among students. The board also debated a curricular policy calling for "empowering principals and teachers," though board member Leigh Bordley called for a stronger policy for teacher inclusion in DPS decisions -- an inclusion that board member Steve Martin said already happens. (H-S, N&O)
  • A 33-acre site in the Hope Valley Farms neighborhood between MLK Jr. Pkwy. and 751 is slated to become the site of a new DPS elementary school, with the school board voting unanimously to acquire the $1.9 million site. (H-S)
  • The availability of child care options downtown was the subject of a gathering of local leaders at the Durham Chamber yesterday; the nearly two-dozen local leaders discussed the growing need for day care and early childhood education centers to support a growing population of residents and employees downtown. (H-S)
  • Gov. Perdue signed the local-option transit tax into law yesterday. As the H-S' Ray Gronberg points out, it's an issue that has the support of all the incumbents running for City offices this fall -- and the opposition, or desire to delay, among almost all challengers. (H-S)


Vanilla Grilla

Does anyone know, is the Roxboro/MLK site of the school land purchase in addition to the previously discussed Scott King Rd (near Herndon Park) site, or in place of it?

I'm sure this will stir some debate, but it seems that new schools built to meet the needs of recent and future growth should be located proximal to that growth. This would seem to be a nice site for a school, but the bulk of the new growth in this part of town is south of I-40, and following that logic, so should be a new school site.


VG, it's my understanding the school board already voted to buy the land near Scott King Rd. I think it's a done deal. I know that the demographic study done last fall showed DPS was short 2 elementary schools, on in SW Durham and one in SE Durham. Maybe the Roxboro/MLK site is for the SE Durham growth. ???

It's nice to see a land purchase for a school in Durham that doesn't come with a neighborhood protest.

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