Duke to break ground in Nov. on $700m-$1b hospital expansion
Two non-profits get very different reactions to Cleveland-Holloway proposals

BCR's Daily Fishwrap Report for August 27, 2009

Before we start the fishwrap this morning, I noticed when looking at the calendar that yesterday marked the three year anniversary of Bull City Rising. Thanks to all the readers, commenters, and advertisers who've supported the site's growth and direction.

In the news:

  • The H-S and N&O both take a look at the Duke University Hospital's expansion for its new patient care pavilion and cancer care center. The N&O's report in particular is quite interesting, with one health care consultant quoted as calling the $700 million+ expansion "a staggering number" and suggesting that Duke is looking not merely to the local market but the global market for health services in its expansion. Duke health system CEO Dr. Victor Dzau notes that the health system's three hospitals -- DUH, Durham Regional, and Duke Raleigh -- are "saturated" and that the system needs more beds. (H-S, N&O)
  • US Dept. of Housing and Urban Development officials have again put the brakes on the Durham Housing Authority, resuming its federal oversight for the agency's spending on purchases over $25,000 after HUD found issues with DHA's service and consulting procurement in recent years -- though finding files for construction contracts to be in fine shape. Among the concerns: the selection of a consultant with whom DHA exec Harrison Shannon had a past working relationship despite a lower rank on technical merit than two other bidders. (The arrival of Shannon spurred a turnaround effort in recent years that led to HUD's previous DHA restrictions to have been removed.) (H-S)
  • One contract for which DHA will need HUD approval: a proposal to bring in a Massachusetts-based consulting firm to act as a "board adviser" for DHA's problem-plagued Section 8 housing program and to provide help with the procurement complaints, Hope VI close-out, and resolution of long-standing concerns by HUD over how monies were shuttled among public housing and development efforts. (H-S)
  • Parental concerns over the "Reading Street" program discussed yesterday here at BCR made the N&O today, with a DPS assistant superintendent stressing that the program is intended to provide "equity" through "universal access to the standard course of study," and providing reassurance that magnet schools like Club Blvd. -- cited in the N&O as one of the hot-spots of complaints over Reading Street -- would have curricular flexibility. Expect the subject to come up at tonight's school board meeting and at a Fri. 10am Club Blvd. parents meeting at the school. (N&O)
  • Durham's 911 center and the city manager's officer are investigating concerns over how a fire response was routed by the emergency communications center last week in a blaze that caused the death of Durham senior citizen Marvin Jacobs. A neighbor tells the Herald-Sun that fire trucks were going down this street and that in the north Durham neighborhood, "frantically" seeking the location of the fire. A report is expected by the end of the week. (H-S)
  • Six Plates Wine Bar's Ted Domville is moving on to spend more time at the very popular Local Yogurt outfit he's opened up in Rockwood, with former Herons and Elaine's on Franklin chef Phil McLaughlin stepping in at the Erwin Terrace wine and small-plates establishment (Durham Magazine Blog, N&O)



Congratulations, Kevin. I know you put an amazing amount of work into producing what is a high-quality, consistent, essential-information-packed site. It's a wonderful service to Derm-ites, and thank you for your time and energy over the past three years.


Andrew Edmonds

Echo that. Kevin, you give blogging a good name. (And you gave this blog a good name, too.)

Jean Bolduc

Just a quick clarification ... The Herald-Sun correctly reports that in the 8/10/09 HUD report there was concern expressed over a contract being awarded for "no apparent reason but a previous relationship" [between Mr. Shannon and Marshall Isler]. This is factually incorrect (HUD's error). According to Mr. Shannon, he met Isler subsequent to coming to Durham. This correction will be included in DHA's written response to the HUD report. We apprecaite the opportunity to clarify here as well. I've posted to the Herald-Sun website, too.

Jean Bolduc
Corporate Communications Director


Congrats on three years! BCR has established itself as THE Durham blog.

Todd Patton

Congrats Kevin for your excellent blog. BCR is a must-read site every day.

Moe Rivera


Thanks for giving us all a place to Learn, grow and bitch about Durham.....

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