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BCR's Daily Fishwrap Report for July 30, 2009

Rumor mill: Bakatsias finds home for George's Garage replacement?

This one is strictly from the fanned flames of the rumor mill, folks -- but we've got good reason to believe this particular nugget to be pretty accurate, so I'm running with it.

G_garage It's been almost a month since George's Garage left its old site at the corner of Hillsborough Rd. and Ninth St., but the question on most Durhamites' mind has been, just where would serial restaurateur George Bakatsias look to find new digs in the Bull City -- something he promised he'd be doing when he announced the closure of the beloved George's, whose lease had run out?

While there's no confirmation, a BCR source suggests that Bakatsias has, in fact, found his new digs.

If the rumors are right, Bakatsias will be moving closer to downtown; an energetic walker could get there in a good 25-30 minutes or so from the old Ninth Street locale.

By all accounts, it should be a posh place for having dinner or a glass of wine once Bakatsias ends up opening the new site, though we'll all have to stew for a bit barring any official announcement.

We'll report back more when we have fuller details to share since this is, of course, mainly rumors for now. (Assuming some enterprising reader doesn't figure this one out.)

Update: OK, since Michael Bacon picked this one off almost as soon as I published it, something I kind of intended with the puns above:

Rumor has it that Bakatsias has been spotted spending a lot of time in the central bay of West Village's Walker Warehouse, looking at the space slotted between the West End Wine Bar and the new Amtrak station -- and that the space in question has just disappeared off the leasing market, purportedly to become the new home for a restaurant that recently closed.


Michael Bacon

Ah, so Bakatsias in West Village, eh? Not a bad fit.

Kevin Davis

@Michael: Man, did I make it that obvious? I was hoping to get people guessing a bit.


I've heard all the raves about George's Garage, and finally went for lunch a couple of months ago. I was unimpressed. $16 for a plate of mediocre food from their buffet and a soda.


As a resident of WV, I'm glad to see someone else coming to the party, I can't wait for some storefronts when they finally get Chesterfield going...

Michael Bacon

Kevin: new space closer to downtown. Knowing George's predeliction for large spaces, how many currently available spots were there? I mean, now that I think about it, I guess there's the Ambacco spaces, but those are less his style than WV.

West Durham Denizen

Bakatsias' next venture? I don't care so much, not after the one overpriced dinner I had at the Garage last year. I'm more interested in what will fill the Ninth Street space. And who is blocking off the parking lot? Why do they care who parks there right now? A big empty commercial space and an abandoned-looking parking lot -- at a time when parking is at a premium -- look like blight to me.

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