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N&O: South Square area's Eden bows on Wednesday

The new restaurant venture Eden -- from Durham-area chef Adam Smith, who's worked at George's Garage and Southpoint's Firebirds among other stops -- now has an opening date, according to N&O retail maven Sue Stock's column this morning.

Eden is set to open on Wednesday, July 22 in the space once occupied by Starlu until late 2007, on the first floor of the Southcourt building on Shannon Rd. at University Dr. near the old South Square Mall.

The modern Southcourt building, itself part of what Jim Wise has described as the 80s/90s-era flight of development and office space from downtown to what was then considered south Durham, just recently lost the salad shop Green Tango, which first opened there. EMD Pharmaceuticals also had major offices there until its acquisition and sidelining by acquirer Merck.

While Starlu had a great deal of critical acclaim, the massive size of the restaurant's space as well as the exclusive price points have been variously blamed for its closure -- though owner Sam Poley's moved on to the very popular (and very low-cost) OnlyBurger roaming food truck.

According to the N&O:

Eden will keep the price point low, Smith promised, averaging $7 to $10 at lunch and $11 to $15 for most dinners.

Smith called it "regionalized American" cuisine, meaning he cooks the best dishes from all areas of the country, from shrimp and grits to Charleston crab.



I think it's surprising that $11-15 dinners is considered a low price point. I think a low price point is below $10.


Due to the location the owners really need to advertise. It's not in a place where those just looking around for a dinner spot would find it. I hope this restaurant succeeds.

While I did enjoy the food at Starlu the price point did keep me from making it a regular place. Looking forward to trying out Restaurant Eden.


aburtch you beat me to it...I tend be believe that the lack of success of the restaurants in this location is due to lack of visibility. There was a trend in our zoning process to put buildings in a "hole". I guess in an era of ugly buildings with no street-level retail that may have been justified (maybe).

I don't count this as the typical suburban office tower. I know many people on here would love to move this building to the Durham Centre location.

Anyway, good luck to Eden...

Michael Bacon

Michael the Nitpicker returns!

Kevin, I have to ask now that you've used it a couple of times. In what sense are you using the word "bows?" I was flipping through Dictionary.com (hardly authoritative, but I don't have access to oed.com), and I don't see anything that fits other than the "to bend at the waist," but that to me implies "to bow out," which isn't how you've been using it. Help a word nerd out here.


"Bows" is metonymy, referring to an opening night; documentation & a boffo time-waster can be found at the link in my sig.

Michael Bacon

Thank you, Rah. I can't say I particularly like the usage, but that certainly does explain it!

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