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Downtown creatives break out mallets, balls for First Annual Downtown Croquet tourney

Okbracket3 It was kinda surreal, walking around downtown at lunch today on an errand, only to find a group of perhaps twenty out and about on the grassy site that once held the Woolworth drugstore downtown -- playing croquet along the green wall at the east end of the site.

One of those funky Durham moments you see and kinda wonder, huh, I wonder what that's about?

Turns out it's no accident. It is, in fact, the First Annual Downtown Croquet Tournament, a brainchild it seems of downtown's Flywheel Design studio and well-documented on their blog OK Great. Sez the folks at Flywheel:

The tournament, crafted to encourage creative companies within the downtown area to get out of the office and meet other local creatives, began on Monday and will end Friday with playoff games and a trophy ceremony for the winning team.  Teams of four from Flywheel Design, Fullsteam, Baldwin&, the Durham Performing Arts Center, IAVO Research and Scientific, Original Projects and Ignite Social Media are competing in the tournament.

So far, Fullsteam Brewery has moved on to the second round, along with IAVO R&S (by forfeit against Ogilvy Durham) and the (ringers?) at Flywheel Design.

Check out some of the competition to date. And take note, croquet watchers: Friday's grand finale is apparently moving to the lawn outside the DPAC. The winners should totally get to dance on the Plensa flashlight.




Thanks as always BCR for digging deep and finding out the real story. My lunch partner and I happened along the game on our way back from Toast and have been wondering what the deal was ever since. Great to have some insight.


I read the ok great blog most days so i already knew about this. But glad to see that blog get more mentions..its pretty great. I do wish there was a bit more of a local focus on it at times..but whatevs.


Thanks, BCR, for highlighting our downtown croquet tournament! And thank you, Jonn, for your kind words about OK Great. We've been making more of an effort to include local art & events in our posts, but I agree that there's still room for improvement in that regard. Hope you can come watch the finals at DPAC today!

Sean Lilly Wilson

We lost. I'd like to think that it's because the DPAC turf didn't have the nuances (concrete crumbles, prison rules) found at the Woolworth lot. But I think we may have lost because we sort of sucked today.

Many thanks to OK Great for OK Awesome time!

Woody Holliman

To see photos of the Grand Finale (& the incomparable tournament trophy), check out the latest post on www.okaygreat.com!

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