Paul Pope retires today, ending long service at CBC, American Tobacco
Durham Magazine, NRDC stories coincidentally highlight two sides of new high school debate

BCR's Daily Fishwrap Report for July 31, 2009

  • The NC Division of Water Quality came out Monday favoring the surveying technique used by a private landowner in his survey of the 751 assemblage in South Durham that led to a request to change Jordan Lake's critical watershed boundary in a way favorable to the developer. According to DWQ, when the state surveyed Falls Lake, it chose the same method used by the developer's surveyor and "discouraged use" of the method picked by the Haw River Assembly. The HRA's Elaine Chiosso says in today's H-S that she doesn't disagree with the private survey's accuracy (a point that's been in contention by some project opponents), but that she still believes Jordan Lake water quality deterioration merits the most exacting, conservative standards. (H-S)
  • Students in NC Central's jazz studies program are gearing up for their performance next Saturday at the legendary Newport Jazz Festival, which one student noted is an "opportunity of a lifetime" that many musicians never get to experience. NCCU's Jazz Ensemble and Jazz Combo is going through its final tune-up before heading to Rhode Island. (H-S)
  • Mayors of the largest NC cities are meeting next week to think through how they might collaborate with businesses and other interests to oppose a bill in Congress that would essentially overturn the prohibition that North Carolina municipalities have on bargaining with labor unions. While the bill before Congress targets public-safety unions for fire and police staff, there's some fear on the part of elected officials and city managers that this could open the door to broader collective bargaining with local government employees. (H-S)
  • Most of Durham's private schools are seeing enrollments remaining fairly level for next year, save for a 15% decline in enrollment at Triangle Day School. (H-S)


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