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BCR's Daily Fishwrap Report for July 17, 2009

The H-S' Ray Gronberg scrutinizes the past criminal acts (H-S #1, #2) of Ward 2 City Council candidate Darius Little in the paper today. Little -- who's acknowledged in statements to media (including BCR) that he's made mistakes in the past, acts he's chalked up to the start of life one gets in an orphanage -- will be filing today for the Ward 2 seat, becoming the fourth challenger to incumbent Howard Clement.

The 29-year-old's transgressions include two sprees of check-kiting in the early 2000s, requiring at one point over $8,000 in restitution to a landlord and two stays in local jails. Little was also charged with cyberstalking and making harassing phone calls to an ex-girlfriend in 2006, a matter for which he holds a July 24 court date.

Little says that community leaders are aware of his past and that he's moved on from it. But will voters look past acts that stem from just a few years' back in time?

In other news:

  • 80 out of the approximately 4,500 full-time and contract workers at Cisco's RTP plant will be laid off soon if they can't find a fit in internal job postings. (H-S)
  • William Burroughs, found dead in his Treyburn home Sunday morning in an act police have termed a non-random killing, had served as Cora Cole-McFadden's 2001 campaign manager; the grieving mayor pro tem remembered Burroughs in a phone interview from the NAACP's national convention in NYC. (N&O)
  • Former Peace Corps volunteer Aaron Williams, now RTI's VP for international business development, has been tapped by the Obama administration to head the international aid agency. (H-S)
  • Downtown Durham ad agency The Republik has created a series of edgy ads for a marketing campaign for everyone's favorite least-favorite Tar Heel city, Fayetteville. The ads, which target soldiers and encourage them to live in Fayetteville thanks to its military-friendly reputation, shown through such hooks as an elderly woman carrying a solider across the street on her back, have gotten lots of Internet buzz -- as well as some criticism. See the ads below. (N&O)



I'm all for redemption but with a court date still a week away Darius' exclamation of having moved on seems premature.

I'm really bothered by some of these new candidates. Local office is not the place to cut your teeth, gain experience or develop your business or leadership skills. We need that prior to getting elected. We definitely need some changes on that dais (one in particular) but I'm not seeing anyone contesting who'd I'd be confident in them doing a better job.

Is today the last day to sign up? Maybe I'll make my way down and throw my hat in the ring! ;-)


Sounds like a real "politician". This type of crime certainly speaks to his character. He's just another spin artist.


Durham does not seem to regard character as a requirement for office.

This is a County that has elected the likes of Wagstaff, Cora Cole-McFadden and Nifong. What race you seem to champion or what race you are trying to rail road seems to be one of the top priorities.

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