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BCR's Daily Fishwrap Report for June 3, 2009

  • Mayor Bell and city manager Bonfield met with Orange Co. leaders yesterday to discuss the possibility of our neighbors to the west making temporary use of Durham's waste transfer station on E. Club -- or of partnering with Durham on a new transfer station or other disposal system, since city officials believe the E. Club site will need to be replaced "sometime in the near future," according to the H-S.
  • The awful-looking street-paving debris dump on Juniper St., which was discussed at this year's PAC1 Coffee with Council and subsequently profiled at BCR, has been cleaned up and closed. The neighborhood center adjacent (E.D. Mickle) will also close, though, in the coming year's budget due to the addition of the larger Holton community center on Driver in August. (H-S)
  • DPD's District 1 staff have moved into their new substation on Holloway St., in the former Wright Machinery (later Honeywell) manufacturing facility. The old substation east of US 70 in the Joyland Shopping Center was abandoned due to poor conditions including "mold and ventilation issues," sez the H-S.
  • The number of applicants for jobs at Duke's campus and medical center are up over 50% from previous years -- while the number of open positions is down 50%, with tighter executive-level scrutiny on all decisions to add new positions or re-hire for existing ones. The H-S notes that Duke remains in better shape than a number of its peer private universities, some of which rely more heavily on endowment funding than Duke. (H-S)
  • A DPS partnership with national school counselor and education associations has school counselors in Durham receiving focused training on outcome-driven, data-tracked interventions with students at risk, such as middle schoolers in one program at Carrington who'd failed two courses in a semester. After intensive intervention, both one-on-one and group-based, about half of the students improved their course passage rate in the following semester. (H-S)


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