One-school compromise proposed for Scott King Rd -- but will the BOCC bite?
BCR's Daily Fishwrap Report for April 29, 2009

BCR's Daily Fishwrap Report for April 28, 2009

[Due to a technology issue, today's Fishwrap is late in publishing.]

A story likely to evolve today: a "small number" of North Carolinians have been diagnosed with what is suspected to be swine flu; media reports note that they're being isolated at home, while public health officials await confirmation from CDC laboratories. NC and other states will have the ability to diagnose the disease by mid-week once a testing agent is shipped from CDC to our and other states' labs. (N&O)

Meanwhile, the H-S takes an interesting angle on the disease, talking with Duke superstar behavioral economist Dan Ariely, whose perspective is that given the natural emotional reaction people have to stories like this one -- and the drive of media to feed the panic -- we could be seeing an initial over-reaction to a situation that could become much more dangerous down the line. (H-S)

And, in an odd Triangle twist to the swine flu fear, one of the two anti-virals effective against the disease (Relenza) is manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline (which has its US headquarters in Durham), at the firm's Zebulon plant -- which is stepping up production as a "precautionary measure," though with no jobs impact at this time. (TBJ)

Not much else going on Durham related in the local papers:

  • Having received the formula-distributed grants from the Federal stimulus package, City Hall is now putting in for $54 million in discretionary monies. Most of that would go to water and sewer projects like upgrades and repairs to the E. Club Blvd. sewage treatment plant and radio-readable water meters; these have already been allocated in the City's budget as funded from revenue, but city manager Tom Bonfield notes that the use of Federal dollars here would allow next-level priorities to get City dollars. $4.4m is being requested to cover twenty-eight vacancies in Durham's police dept.; the City doesn't expect police layoffs but the funds could ameliorate a possible "partial freeze on police hiring" in the department. (H-S)
  • National Urban League CEO and former New Orleans mayor Marc Morial has been named NC Central's commencement speaker for this year's May 16 exercises. (H-S)
  • The BOCC made it through Monday night's agenda in just one hour, mixing its traditional honors and plaudits with only some brief discussion over other consent agenda items on department funding and intergovernmental transfers. (H-S)


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