Reitzer joins Durham's General Services as new department director
Main St. to be detoured from Duke to Ramseur for 45 days due to streetscape work

Parker & Otis celebrates namesake pet's 12th birthday with celebration today

Otis_bw We at BCR are fans of the good folks over at Parker & Otis, who let us know that today is the 12th birthday of Otis -- the pooch whose name graces half of the downtown foodies stop's name. It's "PandO-monium" as a result, with discounts from 12%-50% across their departments (wine, chocolate, candy, coffee, tea, gourmet foods, and beer.)

A number of P&O's suppliers, including Centerba Selections, Fat Tire Beer, Stonewall Kitchen, and The Haw River Wine Man will be around during the day to help with the celebration. Free wine tastings and gourmet food demos will be happening throughout the day to boot.

P&O is located in Peabody Place at 112 S. Duke St., and is open 7:30 am - 7:00 pm on Saturdays.



Happy Birthday, Kev! You should take a break from blogging and head over to Parker & Otis.


Is he named after Milo & Otis? That was such a cute movie.

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