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BCR's Daily Fishwrap Report for April 1, 2009

Bull City's urban core to be featured in "Main Street"

The Durham Convention and Visitor's Bureau yesterday released a tentative shooting schedule for the filming of "Main Street," starring Orlando Bloom, Andrew McCarthy, Ellen Burstyn, Patricia Clarkson, and Colin Firth.

The movie is currently set to film from April 6 through early May in the Bull City, including interior and exterior shooting at almost a dozen different sites in Durham, culminating with a multi-night shoot at the intersection of the Durham Freeway and Roxboro Rd.

Much of the filming will be centered around 206 N. Dillard St., just east of the downtown library and WTVD ABC 11's studios. If that address sounds familiar, it's because it's the listed address of the offices of the Durham Rape Crisis Center. Though from the work going on there Monday after 5pm, it looks like the building is finding at least a temporary new purpose as a movie set:


Crews were there working on the building Monday, cordoning off part of the porch, with a large trailer in the building's parking lot filled with what looked to be lighting and set equipment:


206 N. Dillard is currently set for the longest filming schedule of the shoot, with interior and exterior filming set to run from April 6 through April 14.

Next up: 400 N. Duke St., which turns out to be the Durham School of the Arts, for a four-day shoot, April 15-18. It just so happens those dates coincides with DSA's spring break, which is doubtlessly why they were chosen.

Later in April, the crews are set to use one of the ugliest buildings in Durham -- the old People's Security insurance building, now the drab headquarters of the Durham P.D.

Also in the shooting: two Linwood Ave. houses, located between Fayetteville Rd. and Alston Ave. just north of NCCU. Both houses (713 and 1004) are listed as being up for sale; perhaps the cache of being exterior set pieces for a Hollywood production might help their listing agent?



Not to be left out: a few downtown locations. 123 W. Main St., the tall, stately building restored by Self-Help a few years back, is among them:


So are two downtown churches, the Trinity United Methodist Church on the eponymous Church St., along with Cleveland St.'s First Baptist Church:



Another downtown location, for exterior as well as interior shooting, is the Durham County Courthouse at 200 E. Main St. Given the debates swirling in that building's County Commission chambers over the Jordan Lake boundary, opponents of any boundary change might find contemporary irony in the description of the movie's plot almost three years ago as "revolv[ing] around the efforts of a large corporation to hoodwink a small Southern town and the Southerners' unusual and successful defense."


On the culinary side of life, The Dog House hot-dog restaurant on Hillsborough Rd. will be one of the interior and exterior sets as well. So too will be the B.N. Duke Auditorium on NCCU's campus. 



This is very exciting!!!
I wonder who is catering this?...any clues?

Dona Nova

You would think of that, Shirle'...

This is very cool... I hope they don't make Durham look too unappealing, as it deserves great press.

Little Green Pig

You sound like a bunch of rubes. Movies are a business. They will do everything to do their business at the expense of Durham. Don't trust them, don't be fan, let them do their business and be gone.

G. Sime

Hey Little Pig, pssssst . . . we've had a few films in town before so we know the drill.
Thanks anyway.

Little Green Pig

GS: Ya we know... Bull Durham over 20 years ago. Glad you're so Hollywood savvy.

(On another note, Kevin, if you could keep us abreast of film locations? My daughter wants Orlando Bloom's autograph :-D )


Had to do my research, but - yes - Andrew McCarthy has filmed in Durham before... "Getting In" with Kristy Swanson, 1994.


Actually, Little Green Pig, we've had many movies, documentaries and television shows filmed in Durham since 1987. See the list on DCVB:


Wow, this is very cool! I'd love to swing by when they are shooting and have a look.


Nice! I'll be in town in early May!


Hey, I like that house that is for sale. Is this in Durham, N. Carolina by chance?

a. librarian

Looks like the Durham County Library may become a location for some interior shots. Nothing definite, but the phone call came in today.


the film is actually starring Colin Firth...he's a main character. I'm flying in last weekend in April just for this. I've never been to Durham, only passed through; and i've never been near a filming of a movie. I am a huge fan of Colin Firth and i'm taking my money to Durham just for the adventure of it all. Please tell me where i would be comfortable on an early morning run through the streets.


My family and I were just in Duke Gardens this saturday the 18th, beautiful place by the way, hope they film there because it was really a nice place, I enjoyed it very much. We drove around town but didnt get to see anyone filming, must have gone on an off day :( will go back sometime this week to see if were luckier. Does anyone know when are the best days to catch a glimplse of filming and where?


Elicia Duke Gardens is a lovely place for a run, I think they open early and they close at dusk. Is beautiful and very confortable for running also around the university there are paths along the streets.
My family will definetely go back to Durham to visit all the sites provided above and duke Gardens for a nice picninc.


They didn't shoot on Saturday. As a matter of fact, Colin Firth, his wife and 2 sons were at Whole Foods when my husband and I were there for lunch. We wound up sitting behind them. Thankfully they got to have a lunch in peace.

I'm wanting to know when the Durham Freeway might be closed if at all during morning commute so I can find an alternate route. Anyone know?

A. Librarian

The 147/Roxboro St scene (and therefore street closure) is set to be filmed on May 6. I don't know the times, unfortunately. I would plan on an alternate commute that day if I were you.


Hello A. Librarian. Where will they be filming this week??Main Street still or new location?
Ill appreciate the info, I'm willing to travel 1:30 this week to get a glimpse of movie filming, my children and I are fans, Im also planning to check out The Dog House to take my fam to dine in.
We ate at a Chinese Buffet unfortunately the food was cold, food was good but cold, service was ok.

We drove last saturday and we drove through Main Street and just drove in a circle lol saw an Irish Pub might stop by there also next time we visit.
Thank you for sharing the date of May 6, will try to check it out. Thanks!


My fam and I drove down near Church St. yesterday.
Got to see Colin Firth http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=388974&l=1a69d5232c&id=1252024452
Traffic is ok I guess until yuou get near the construction, the one way street are scary lol almost drove into one.
Will return to visit soon.


Someone please tell Jo where to feed her children on her next visit so she doesn't bring them to China Buffet again! It's just too ghastly.

Jo, we have GREAT places to eat in Durham, many family friendly. Hope you will check out some of them.


I've planning on coming to Durham from out of state on May 2, hopefully to see filming and grab an autograph and picture. does anyone know if they are still planning to film that day. Is Colin Firth one of the stars who has finished filming?


Colin Firth is still in town (according to an article in this morning's paper). I don't know when he is expected to leave, but I think filming is scheduled to wrap up mid-May.


Yes Ill make sure I visit a better culinary establishment for my family, I appreciate that you pointed that out. I actually wrote a review for the restaurant. Food was cold, a bit crowded. Will not dine there again.
For filming info


Just wanted to update you. I was there this past weekend. We didn't know that we could actually ask the crew about the actors and seeing if they could come out for pictures. That was our first day. Colin was working Saturday, then was off Sunday - Tuesday (as far as we knew from our discussions with the costume designer) He also checked out of the Durham Marriott the day before we checked in and went to another hotel. We wandered around town in desperate hopes of running into him. Saw the gardens, saw Duke East and West, ate lunch at Washington Duke Hotel, ran around the streets of the Marriott for my morning runs.. but saw no Colin. I thought i would cry from disappointment. However last day we were much bolder and the crew got an ok for us to see Orlando. He came out, invited us onto the grounds of the shooting location, was extremely nice, humbled by our story of coming there to see him and Colin (from NY) gave us waters, offered us lunch!!!!! (which we did not accept - fools that we are) and posed for pictures with us. Oh, also met Amber Tamblyn at our hotel during breakfast. She sat 2 tables away. Very sweet as well. still, wish i had seen Colin. :(


Orlando - http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#/photo.php?pid=2534625&op=1&o=global&view=global&subj=662043792&id=662043792

Amber - http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=2534470&op=1&o=global&view=global&subj=662043792&id=662043792


Oh, by the way... one more thing we found out. They are doing most of the filming at a warehouse on Cheek Rd. I'm not exactly sure of the address. if you are on Geer you will see obscure signs posted that say "Crew" with arrows and ribbons... Look for those types of signs.

They have sets built inside the warehouses and that's where they do most of their filming. happy hunting. Oh and if anyone see's Colin; tell him that I was looking for him. :) Please? Thank you.


Omg! Elicia your so lucky! Im sorry you didnt get to see Colin. Still so happy for you!
Im glad you enjoyed Durham, I like the town, I kind of want to move my new house there lol.
Well try to go back to Durham, to see if we can see Orlando, my girls want to see him really, but not sure when we'll go, I have been a bit sick, possible Diabetes. :( I was gona drive up there today but I couldn't drive far, fear of passing out. Waiting for my husband who's out of state to drive us instead.

Thanks for sharing the pics, I can't see them but I requested you to add me on Facebook and maybe I can see the pics.




Its cool you want his autograph, and he is really nice i would know cause i met him the day before they started filming but DONT STALK THE POOR GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PAPARAZZI ARE ALREADY POURING IN WHERE HE IS.


dear lord, i hadnt read this thread since it was first posted...now i'm embarassed! did people really travel here on the off chance of catching a glimpse of these guys?!

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