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BCR's Daily Fishwrap Report for March 27, 2009

  • An estimated 300 IBMers in RTP lost their jobs Thursday as part of a euphemistic "resource action" by Big Blue, which yesterday laid off as many as 5,000 workers in the US. Most of the jobs are moving to lower-cost countries in Asia and other parts of the globe. IBM retains 10,000 staff in RTP, a drop from 14,000 in the late '90s; a IBM employee organization estimates that less than a tenth of the 40,000-plus IBMers expected to be hired this year will work in the US. (H-S, WRAL)
  • That idea from earlier last week, about getting Orange and Chatham's support for a compromise position on Jordan Lake rules? It received, in the words of the inimitable Ray Gronberg, "the coldest of cold shoulders" at a joint Orange-Durham Co. leaders' meeting. According to the H-S, Durham's push to use the very same Jordan Lake as the key to a future regional water supply, coupled with grumbling over the BOCC's map actions on Jordan Lake, seem to have played part of the factor. Another issue: concern that the General Assembly is already so bent on weakening the rules that they need no help to find a compromise position. (H-S)
  • A celebration of John Hope Franklin's life will be held at Duke on June 11, his wedding anniversary, in place of a funeral, an idea the renowned historian eschewed. President Obama also commented Wednesday on Franklin's place in American academe and society. (H-S)
  • Duke's men's basketball team took what was positively a shellacking last night in Beantown, getting drubbed by Villanova 77-54 -- just days after the Blue Devils' women's team was also unceremoniously booted from the Final Four. (WRAL)
  • Durham is set to receive $2.2m in federal stimulus dollars targeted to energy conservation programs, which the H-S notes could go to fund projects like improved recycling, extra energy-efficiency for buildings, and so forth. (H-S)
  • Joel Reitzer starts soon as the new director of the City's General Services department. More on his hire later today at BCR. (H-S)



re: the energy stimulus dollars- it would be nice if durham (or NC) were to start thinking a little more boldly about energy, like Gainesville FL:



in retail news, Durham's Costco has stopped selling cigarettes (they have a few cartons left, but they'll be gone today). Yet another way in which Derm becomes like Raleigh. Sigh.

What's a yuppie smoker to do? Guess I will have to go to (gasp) Food Lion. The horror.

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