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On a week in which we learned of bad news for one Scientific Properties arts-related tenant (the closing of Branch Gallery on Foster St.), we're hearing now good news, in turn: the arrival of the first retail tenant at Golden Belt.

The developer has announced that the arts-themed historic adaptive reuse project in East Durham will be adding LabourLove Gallery to its stable this summer at Golden Belt, bringing a retail gallery to the eastern side of the complex's lobby (the artist studios and apartment side.)

Labourlove LabourLove, which will launch its business online concurrently with its gallery opening, is the brainchild of Hillsborough's Kelly Dew and John Pelphrey, and will sell prints as well as "derivative works" including bags, clothing, home accessories and the like -- all in limited quantities, and viewable with the original art work in the gallery.

The firm will also offer art rental, art lessons for children, and art selection services to include in-home consultations and installations.

According to the Scientific Properties press release:

[Dew and Pelphrey] founded LLG on the premise that fine art is intended for general consumption regardless of race, religion, level of education or economic status.  Dew explains their mission, “We aim to create an environment that expands the public’s perception of art retail by displaying original art from young, talented artists along with limited edition prints and products inspired by their original work. ”  The prints and derivative works such as clothing, bags and home accessories will be produced in limited quantities and displayed along with the original art work in the gallery.

After establishing relationships with local elementary schools, Dew and Pelphrey also hope to engage the community in the success of the gallery by holding quarterly art openings for local elementary students.  The public art openings will recognize the outstanding art achievements of the students and the proceeds from the sale of the children’s work will be donated back to the participating school’s art fund.

In anticipation of the gallery’s opening, Pelphrey says, “We love the Golden Belt project.  Kelly and I are excited to open LabourLove and begin dispelling the myth that understanding and appreciating art is reserved only for those with formal art training or elite social status.”


John Pelphrey

Thanks for posting this nice story about us. We're extremely excited to be the first retail tenant at Golden Belt. I hope you and your readers will keep watching out for more news as we move toward our opening in the summer.

Durham is a wonderful city with so much happening in the arts. Kelly and I felt compelled to be part of it. We're not going to be your traditional art gallery with pristine white walls and a museum like atmosphere. We want to be the gallery that feels like home - open, inviting, and relaxing.

We're always looking for artists. Please drop us a note on the website if you're interested.

John Pelphrey

Chuck Donovan

I have been a fan of Dew's artwork for several years, and I can't wait to see the work she selects for her own gallery! Makes me think of the "Factory"! I encourage all of you who are reading this to stop in and see it for yourself.

Chuck Donovan
Industrial Designer
Hartleroad Design

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