It's official: "A Prairie Home Companion" hits Durham on May 9
Downtown's Kia dealership moves -- but not far enough

BCR's Daily Fishwrap Report for February 4, 2009

  • The winter weather is making a wonderland to Durham's south and east, but the Bull City appears to be largely clear of the snow. While Durham got some snow last night, nothing substantial has stuck overnight. Durham Public Schools are open for business on their regular schedule.
  • The H-S has perhaps the least-surprising City Council 4Q campaign finance report ever. Bill Bell spent some of his war chest to travel to Denver for the Democratic National Convention, and for his cell phone bill, while officials across the board gave here and there to other candidates' campaigns and to the Durham Committee on the Affairs of Black People (along with some other grants here and there.) (H-S)
  • Donations to Duke University are down 21% over the level from this time last year, though only 12% off the 2006-07 mark. Duke VP Mike Schoenfeld notes that a major fundraising campaign for financial aid just wrapped up and that non-profits everywhere are taking a hit from the rough economy. (H-S)
  • Durham home sales were off by 39% in the third quarter, according to recently-released data published in the H-S. (We'll have a deeper look at home sales here at BCR later this week.) (H-S)


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