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The Pinhook opens: downtown bar, club debuts this weekend

Update: The Pinhook is not opening full-time this Saturday but will host the Winky show at 8pm Saturday. See the comments for more.

After months of work, The Pinhook will be opening its doors this Saturday, November 1 -- just in time for the crowds from this weekend's downtown events.

From the press release:

The Pinhook bar opens Saturday, November 1, in downtown Durham. The Pinhook is a community bar and music venue open to members and their guests. The bar is located at 117 W. Main Street in downtown Durham's City Center district.

The Pinhook will feature a full bar, an outdoor patio area, and local music several nights per week. Durham's diverse musical community will be supported, including Indie Rock, Bluegrass, Folk, Punk, Metal, Country, Hip-Hop and Experimental. The bar also has several vintage arcade games and pinball machines.

Owner/operators Elizabeth Tulachanh, Nick Williams and Kym Register have ties to a range of other downtown businesses, with past experience at Parker & Otis and Alivia's; Register is a member of the popular local band Midtown Dickens and was involved in the opening of the Bull City Headquarters up in Little Five Points.

The non-smoking venue will be open Mondays through Saturdays from 4 p.m. until 2 a.m. If successful, the venture promises to provide more options for downtown nightlife and activity, something that (with the exception of the MarVell Event Center) has been in short supply in the city center district.

And what's on the bill for the first night? Starting at 8pm Saturday:

Artist Jim Kellough and composer Shannon Morrow present an expanded cinema performance featuring live music to accompany projected imagery on a giant screen. The imagery, called WINKY, uses 6 slide projectors - special effects that merge the images into a large-scale photomontage that moves and "winks". A "soundtrack" will be performed in real time by Triangle Soundpainting Orchestra, an 11 piece acoustic ensemble composed of a variety of wind, reed, string, and percussion instrumentalists.

Next weekend, The Pinhook will be one of the venues for the Troika Music Festival.

As with many N.C. clubs, a membership is required; you can fill out the form (and pay the $2 fee) at the bar or download a PDF version in advance via The Pinhook's web site.



this rules.

Chef Shirle'

this totally rules!!!
Yay Durham!!!


I can't wait for this bar to open. I'm so proud of Liz, Nick, and Kym for making this a reality. Best of luck to y'all!


woot! Congrats, Pinhook...can't wait to check it out.


Huzzah! It'll be our last stop after the Zombie Lurch!

The Pinhook

Hey! Awesome. Thanks so much for this write up but we will NOT be opening this sat. for business. We will be throwing an awesome event by the sound painting orchestra and winky at 8pm, but will be closing our doors afterwards. We're only waiting on one signature and have passed inspections so no worries. Just a little detail that keeps holding us back. We will be open by Troika and hopefully Election Day... please check back on our blog at

Thanks so much Durham. We love you.



dang...wish i would have known...I guess i'll tell people NOT to come by after the Lurch.

Kevin Davis

@ The Pinhook: Apologies for the confusion on that. Good luck with the soft-opening Saturday and let us know when your opening is set for!


Pinhook was PACKED last night!!! Perfect end to the perfect zombie evening!

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