BCR's Daily Fishwrap Report for October 14, 2008
Jaume Plensa art installation planned for DPAC?

One-time North Durham mini-golf site up for rezoning, transformation

North Durham's been a desert where restaurants are concerned, but until a few years back, it had bragging rights as one of the few mini-golf courses in the Bull City.

The facility, Putt-Putt Golf and Games, on N. Roxboro near Latta/Infinity, closed earlier this decade, it appears. (Your other hole-in-one option, Funtasia Family Fun Center on Garrett Rd., closed around the end of 2003.)

And don't look for the course to make a comeback anytime soon. According to a rezoning proposal before the Planning Commission tomorrow, the site is proposed to be rezoned to commercial general, and the site's owner doesn't expect to see much putting around on the site.

The petitioner -- Dale Reynolds, who also owns the Autorific Car Wash business and was active in the debate on long-term solutions for last year's drought (advocating higher, tiered rates to encourage businesses like his to have economic reasons to conserve) -- said in an interview on Monday that he is pursuing the zoning change to increase the flexibility of the site for new uses and to increase its marketability to future companies who might pursue a ground lease or build-to-suit strategy.

The current zoning allows commercial use on the 1.4 acre site but with a development plan, something the new zoning wouldn't require. Reynolds notes that he doesn't have any uses in mind but wants to be ready with the property when the market for commercial development turns around.


Todd Patton

As a regular rush-hour user of N Roxboro St, I think this open ended rezoning is a bad idea. This rezoning would allow a convenience store / gas station on this site, among other things.

Per the staff report on this rezoning case, Roxboro St has a LOS(D) capacity of 33,900, and a current traffic count of 32,000. A convenience store on this site would cause an increase of 8,122 trips/day from this site, pushing Roxboro St well beyond capacity.

The intersection of Roxboro St with Latta/Infinity - a short distance from this site - already operates poorly, with inadequate turn lanes, narrow travel lanes, poorly designed/timed signals, and no sidewalks. Rush hour traffic routinely backs up beyond West Point on the Eno, more than a half a mile from Latta/Infinity. Intersection improvements at Latta/Infinity need to be made before or in conjunction with any new development in this area that causes large increases in traffic volume.

Tar Heelz


Good points. Note, however, that if Durham ever gets its act together, traffic impacts could be addressed at the time of site plan. Then we would know exactly what road improvements are required because we would actually know exactly what sort of development was proposed.

The current system of traffic impact analysis at zoning is awfully imprecise.


I agree with Todd's comments. As a commuter of Roxboro Rd for 11 years, our family has seen a tremendous increase in traffic patterns.

On a positive note, the double turns lanes onto Roxboro from Latta/Infinity were an improvement in my book. As more families see the benefits of moving to North Dur and Bahama, I agree that forward thinking zoning ideas need to be implemented.

As far as the current frustrations, any left turns going southward onto Rox, is like taking your life in your hands. I have witnessed many accidents and close calls, many involving teens from NHS.
We do not need another gas station/fast food or Tienda in that area. Thank you


I live very near this tract, which is located across Roxboro Rd from my neighborhood. And I would support a rezoning of it so that it will be more marketable for development. It has sat vacant for far too long. I would prefer either a fast food restaurant like a Sonic or a Sheets brand gas station. Anything that is different from our current gas or fast food choices. There is not much opportunity to increase Roxboro Road's traffic with only 1.4 Acres

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