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Garrison Keillor to bring "A Prairie Home Companion" to Durham's DPAC

It's true: the legendary "A Prairie Home Companion" is set to come to Durham, specifically the new Durham Performing Arts Center downtown, in May 2009.

Keillor N&O music beat writer David Menconi noted the off-schedule news on his blog yesterday, though hedging on the location. We at BCR can report with confidence that this will be at the DPAC; the booking has been in the works for some time (and is the first of a couple interesting announcements to come out in the coming weeks about the DPAC). Menconi notes a May 9 date for the show.

It's a coup for the Triangle and Durham to get this show, and is an example of the booking power Nederlander/PFM have in bringing shows to the Bull City.

If you've never seen Keillor live -- I was lucky enough to have the chance to 15 years ago back in Orlando -- he's a marvelous performer. His radio plays' well-known sound effects are a treat to watch live; even better, though, is Keillor's monologue, performed without note cards or script, the master storyteller typically taking a stool onto center stage to mesmerize the live and radio audiences.

Keillor typically finds ways to bring local color and happenings into his performances; it will be interesting to see how he weaves Durham into the narrative. A look at a revitalized downtown? A focus on old tobacco in the heart of the South? A nod to our basketball heritage? To Duke? To our relationship with down-the-road Raleigh?

No word yet on when tickets will go on sale, though typically in many markets public radio members get some advantage in grabbing seats.


J. Halpert

This guy looks remarkably like my co-worker Dwight Schrute.

Tanner Lovelace

It was just announced -

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