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"751 South" proposed to bring more development near Southpoint

DPAC construction begins to wrap up as seats start to appear

One sign a theater construction project is coming to a close? The arrival of seating -- something you don't want to put in while messy, dusty rough build-out is underway.



The red seats -- slightly more comfortable than the original spec, thanks to cost savings when the geotechnical and earthwork were less expensive than expected -- started going in in recent weeks, shortly after our last photo update.

The outside of the DPAC is getting some work as well; with the end of the Bulls' season, workers have started clearing out the remainder of the old parking area along Blackwell and its retainer wall in the area that formerly held up the satellite dishes for WRAZ-TV.

The early line on ticket sales is that the numbers are quite strong, too. Packages for the four-show SunTrust Broadway Carolina series start at $79.50 per four-ticket pack.


Durham Bull Pen

Impressive--I can't wait to start attending shows there!



That's funny, $79.50 also gets you a four-pack of cupcakes in the lobby.

Dave W.

Does anyone know if there will be a community arts events billboard/ greater downtown map kiosk anywhere at DPAC?

I imagine the DPAC will bring many people around to its events, and many of those people will wonder what else is around. And many of them likely will be standing around waiting to meet up with friends, waiting for the doors to open, have time to kill and be looking for something to entertain their time. (be great if busquers were encouraged outside the doors)

Surely since it is within view folks will find their way to American Tobacco restaurants, but a kiosk either outside the front doors or in the lobbies so these people can find out other organizations in the area they might be interested in...

like Manbites Dog, galleries and artist work spaces north of the tracks, Hayti Heritage Center, restaurants north of the tracks, etc. things locals in the know might know about, but those from out of town might not be aware of (but likely would be interested in).

These seems essential if the DPAC is going to have positive spill over energy into and through downtown. Many people will view the tracks and loop as a signficant barrier to either drive or walk over to explore. A kiosk with maps and short descriptions would be immensely helpful and give good assistance to people who are curious and make their exploring easier (either that day, or to mark for a day in the future). An area for posters and flyers would let people see there is other stuff to come back for in the near future.

If taxpayers are going to fund multimillion dark parking decks can we please get a few thousand dollars to put in a well designed community kiosk, billboard posting area?

I would hope DDI and/or the Durham Visitors Convention Bureau is working on this? Seems like one of these at the plaza with Major would be a nice overdue idea as well.

It seems needed to ensure that people attending DPAC will be encouraged to see the greater downtown area as something to explore and not just park the car, see a show, maybe eat at American Tobacco and return to the highway.

This is an important opportunity to help all of greater downtown have more visitors and get on the radar of people interested in the arts and cultural events who may not know of the goings on already. I hope our local booster organizations like DDI work to help smaller organizations benefit and don't spend all their time, energy, and money on American Tobacco and macro scale entities.

Shane Hudson

Great photos and post! Dave W. Well said. I too hope that the DPAC embraces the local community!

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