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Sitar India Palace opening second Business 15-501 location

Demolition has started in recent days on the old Regency Plaza across from the South Square SuperTarget/Sam's Club, with the one-time Kroger strip plaza coming down in preparation for the arrival of University Marketplace.

Sitar India Palace has for some time been the only remaining tenant in this sea of strip mall deadness, and has maintained its popularity as a dining and take-out location (though I've gotta put in a plug for Taste of India, too, right behind South Square next to Eastern Lights.)

According to H-S business/metro reporter Monica Chen in this week's Business Buzz, though, Sitar's adding a second location -- one not quite so far from their current home:

In October, the second Sitar will likely open at 3630 Durham Chapel Hill Blvd. in the 5,000-square-foot building formerly housing Lone Star Steakhouse & Saloon.

Sitar co-owner P.C. Davis said they plan to keep both locations open for the time being....

At the second location, Davis said they have ordered a tandoor oven to place in the dining area so that customers can see how tandoori chicken and bread are baked.

Davis notes in the article that he expects the original location to stay open as it can accommodate larger parties -- but also adds that site access has been a concern at the Regency Plaza spot. (One can only imagine that customers competing with bulldozers isn't exactly the most conducive dining environment.)


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