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Shooting the Bull: Podcast for August 24, 2008

In this week's edition of "Shooting the Bull," Barry Ragin and I chat with new Durham city manager Tom Bonfield about about his first impressions of the Bull City; his thoughts on managing and leading a city government; and some of the challenges ahead since leaving the top job in Pensacola.

Thanks as always to the folks at WXDU for the opportunity to host this weekly show.

If you missed the Sunday night broadcast, you can download or listen to the show from the Internet Archive, or listen to it via this embedded player. You can also now subscribe to the podcast in iTunes, via WXDU's hosted podcast.


Michael Rowe

Hi Kevin and Barry,

Do you have the podcast setup as a RSS feed so I can subscribe with iTunes? I listen to a ton of podcasts and I need them on the go. Thanks!



Nice interview. I was sad, but not really surprised, that no one mentioned bikes as part of the multi-modal transportation plan.


Michael - yes. Go to the iTunes store and search on "Shooting the Bull." You can subscribe there. i usually get the new feed up by Monday morning.

Linus - the impression i got from Tom Bonfield was that bikes were definitely part of the "multi-modal" thing, since he mentioned that specifically in response to a question about walking. It's always tough in a setting of that kind to cover every single thing that needs to be discussed. With luck, we'll have Tom back on in a few months and bring that subject up again.

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