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Historic preservation the focus on tonight's "Shooting the Bull"

A quick post from Chez BCR, where yours truly has been recuperating from a bit of the flu that struck on Thursday night -- just the way to "enjoy" a long holiday weekend, no? (I knew I shouldn't have ticked off the satanists, darn it all.)

The extra time in bed did give me a chance to read Lewis Shiner's "Black and White" cover to cover; the book (which we talked about here last week) is a great summer read that also serves as one of the best thematic introductions to urban renewal and strife in 1960s Durham that I can imagine. (And which has its share of page-turner thriller moments, too.)

It looks like Shiner will be joining Barry and me two weeks from tonight on "Shooting the Bull" for an interview about the new novel and his reflections on the urban lead character in the book.

For tonight, the show will take a different lens to issues historic, as Preservation Durham board president Ellen Dagenhart comes on the radio to discuss PD's mission and the battle to save and preserve historic structures in the Bull City.

That's tonight at 7:30pm on WXDU (88.7 FM Durham) or early Monday via podcast here at BCR.

Regular BCR coverage will resume here tomorrow on the site.



I hope that you will ask her about the inherent conflict in accepting funding from the city while simultaneously fighting the actions of NIS.

Perhaps you should invite Gary of Endangered Durham (former PD board member who resigned over the neglect of East Durham).


You probably had food poisoning from Symposium. Did you eat there by chance this week? I know two people who ate there last week and got sick. The place continues to get worse. Ambacco management needs to step in.

Kevin Davis

@Adam: Nope, no dining at the 'Pose for me this week. I'm a bit suspicious of the dinner I had that night -- and the cashier at a store clutching her stomach while serving me (never a good sign.)

@David: I hope Gary will be a guest on a future show when his schedule allows (struck out on the first try), though not expressly for the purpose of the whole PD history, which has been well-played in blogs, etc. I'm not sure I see a conflict in a non-profit that advocates preservation getting funding from the city (for performing a public good) while also advocating over issues with NIS. Plenty of other NGOs here in town do exactly the same thing.

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