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Ah, the media obsession with the satanic-cult-assault story continues to reach new heights, getting top coverage in the H-S, the N&O ("He never showed me any kind of devil-worshipping stuff...." "You'd see him wear black pants and a T-shirt with weird stuff on it, but it wasn't that different."), and all the local TV stations. Heck, WTVD was out front of the Durham County Courthouse at 5:30am this morning to report on the case. (What, are there some kind of magic pentagrams that only come out in morning's early light?)

Still, the best read in this morning's paper lies in Herald-Sun newcomer Lisa Rossi's exclusive interview with Joe and Andy Porcelli, sons of the late owner of Royal Ice Cream, who reflect back on the difficult time in Durham's history and their take on the Jim Crow days:

On one hand, they said they were proud Royal Ice Cream would always live on in a highway marker.

But they stung from descriptions of their father's ice cream store that emerged as part of the publicity around the commemoration....

"I'm glad segregation is over with," Andy Porcelli said. "It was a painful experience for both parties: Black and white."

Kudos to the H-S for finding room on the front page for a story that sheds a new perspective on the now-infamous event at Royal Ice Cream. It would have been too bad to see the salacious always outmuscle the sublime.


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