New owners close on Kings Daughters Inn, start construction this week
Lewis Shiner's "Black and White" fictionalizes Durham's hard Hayti story

Shooting the Bull: Podcast for June 29, 2008

In this week's edition of "Shooting the Bull," Barry Ragin and I chat with Durham City Councilman Mike Woodard on capital projects, the Council's agenda for the next six months -- and even Woodard's time as an FM-band pioneer at Duke's radio station. Thanks as always to the folks at WXDU for the opportunity to host this weekly show.

If you missed the Sunday night broadcast, you can download or listen to the show from the Internet Archive, or listen to it via this embedded player. You can also now subscribe to the podcast in iTunes, via WXDU's hosted podcast.



Going with the 'Pizza' rant...downtown is being blessed with many businesses like Somerhill Gallery. It seems like these places are also the ones that are being catered to, especially around American Tobacco Campus (my least favorite part).

I only listened to half of this, so I don't know if you've covered this or not. I'm glad that American Tobacco is getting places like Saladelia Cafe, something that could cater more toward people who would like something a little more simple and less expensive. Hopefully they can keep up with the rent. I would like to see some places open up around the city center/north downtown and the 1000 and 1100 blocks of W. Chapel Hill St. (not downtown, but still!)

Mike Woodard

Barry was dependable again! The bridge I couldn't recall during the interview--but Barry guessed about--was in fact the Goethals Bridge. All I could remember was that it's the bridge Tony Soprano rides over after leaving the Lincoln Tunnel in the opening sequence of "The Sopranos."

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