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Get DATA output for no input: Free rides on Durham buses today

Data With gas prices peaked over $4 per precious gallon, it's been a good idea to try Durham's DATA bus service or the interregional Triangle Transit service for some time now.

Today, though, riding DATA is an idea that $1 better per trip. Cell phone company Cricket is sponsoring free rides on the DATA system (and Raleigh's CAT bus) throughout the day to celebrate the company's one-year anniversary offering service in the region.

Just hop aboard any fixed-route DATA bus today and the ride is free.

If you're stopping at the downtown bus transfer station, you can sign up to win one of a number of prizes, including free DATA bus fare for a year.



I've been using the Triangle Transit Durham-Raleigh express service, which I really like, and want to start riding it more. My wife usually drops me off, but that's not practical every day. TTA advertises free gate passes for the ATC garage for bus riders, but when I went to the Triangle Transit office to get one I was told that only 18 were made available. There is now a very long waiting list for them. Anyone commuters out there have any ideas on how to manage the parking portion of "park and ride" from downtown?


Bicycle would work great!


This story is a year old, but I have started using the TTA Durham-Raleigh express service myself.

I got a parking pass for the ATC garage without a problem just a couple weeks ago -- no waiting list or anything. And this morning's 8:10 bus to Raleigh had almost every seat taken -- hopefully this service continues to be successful and TTA can add even more runs.

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