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Leigh Bordley won the run-off election for the at-large seat on Durham's school board in landslide fashion on Tuesday. Despite coming in second in the May 6 primary, Bordley cruised to victory with a crushing 84% of the vote over Jonathan Alston, who had squeaked out a win in May that was below the 40% level needed to claim the seat outright.

Anyone still left looking for validation of the role that the Obama factor played in the May 6 results need look no further than this election. Of course Bordley's win was roundly expected, given that third place finisher Nancy Cox endorsed Bordley, and they together claimed over 60% of the votes cast in the initial election.

Still, the lopsided defeat in this round likely points to the difficulty Alston had drawing votes in the absence of the get-out-the-vote push emanating from the Durham Committee that had such an impact on the Durham County Commissioner elections last month.

With this election complete, Durham's local-government races are essentially decided for the fall, since all of the notable contests were decided through the party primaries and this run-off election alone.


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