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Pop's launches "Backdoor" takeout/delivery today

Apparently gourmet pizzas are the flavor of the week in the local foodie community. First we had Scott Howell's announcement of The Rockwood Filling Station a few days ago. And now: the good folks at Pop's, who are opening the Pop's Backdoor takeout and delivery service today at 5pm.

Pops_logo We learned about the new business from the Watts-Hillandale listserv; apparently a few residents in the neighborhood got a chance to try out Pop's-to-go over the last couple of weeks during its test-run period, and walked away with rave reviews of the new at-home dining option.

The menu offers twenty choices of wood-fired pizzas/calzones, along with build-your-own with toppings that range from pepperoni and bell peppers to goat cheese, truffle oil, and shortribs. Fresh salads and breads as well as desserts (including tiramisu and chocolate pudding cake) are also available.

Another plus: beer and wine are available for delivery/takeout, too, with your food order. Pop's Backdoor will be open 5pm until 10pm daily -- hours may extend until "11ish" on Fridays and Saturdays.

Take a look at the first draft of the menu here: Download Pops-Backdoor.pdf.



Am I the only one who finds it hard to keep a straight face reading and repeating the phrase "Pop's Backdoor"?

Maybe I spent too much time in Soho, but it sounds so... dirty. My head is spinning with possible slogans:

"Nothing's better than Pop's Backdoor!"

"What's even better than Mom's home cookin'? Friday night and Pop's Backdoor!"


I'm so happy to see they offer anchovies (my favorite ingredient that's missing from the Satisfaction's menu). I recommend "Pop's Salty Egg" with prosciutto and anchovies (not for those with high blood pressure).

Not this time!

keeping it anonymous this time...

"hey, whatcha up to?"

"Oh, I'm going to have a few beers then check out Pop's Backdoor."


I think that's a gay bar around Dupont Circle somewhere :)


I feel kind of bad about poking fun - someone from there I'm sure reads this Blog. Sorry :( Maybe Pop's Kitchen Door would be better?


I don't care if they call it Pop's Outhouse. We got dinner from them again tonight, and it was GOOD.


I don't care if they call it Pop's Outhouse. We got dinner from them again tonight, and it was GOOD.

seth vidal

Holy crap. The Mushroom Lover's Pizza was amazing. A wonderful addition to Durham.

Kevin Davis

We got the Pop's Hawaiian, and it was very good -- save for the half of it on which we got "Hot Cherry Peppers." Let's just say that they're, well, really HOT -- which is why I'm up at 6 in the morning on a Saturday with indigestion. Still, the pizza was terrific overall (especially the non-spicy half) and we'll definitely be back there again.

According to the TP listserv, their pizza will also be available by the slice over at Parker & Otis at lunchtime (though I don't know when), which will be great for those times when you want to grab a bite from P&O but don't have time to wait for a sandwich.


I am a huge fan of the backdoor. The pizzas are fabulous, but you should also try Pop's tossed salad and their warm nuts.


I am convinced that Stephanie has the potential to be one of the leading lights in the Durham blogosphere, if she decides to venture down that path.

Warm nuts, indeed.


I'd also recommend the 10 inch sausage special and the hand-packed pints!


If you can't get in the backdoor, try the choked chicken with a side of frottage.

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